Young, Dumb, and Deep in Debt

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There they were, freshly married with all the American hopes and dreams at their fingertips.

He drove a Mercedes, she got her dream house, he made more then enough money, she stayed home, everything was fine and dandy.

Until it wasn’t.

Every time they paid the bills they fought.
There was this revolving issue of always having too much month left at the end of the pay.

But how was that even possible?
They were most definitely in the 1% and living the dream.

They had the house, the cars, the clothes, the monthly wine club, the weekends away, the dinners out, and don’t forget that surprise trip to New York City to see Little Mermaid on Broadway (her favorite childhood movie).

How could they possibly have anything to fight over?

How could they possibly not have enough money?

Well, their American dream was based on a pile of debt.

They had a pretty large mortgage, a second, and two car payments.
Oh, and don’t forget that couple thousand they owed on their credit cards.

From the outside they had it all,
but from the inside they were barely holding it all together.

Then one day they had had enough.

They were fed up,
tired of fighting,
tired of living paycheck to paycheck,
and tired of living beyond their means.

This guy Dave Ramsey and all his ridiculous financial concepts kept coming up during their money fights financial discussions and in order for them to both be on the same page… they decided to enroll in a class.

Well, one class lead to another and before they knew it, they were hooked.

They no longer wanted to be the slave to the lender.

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7

They wanted their lives back and they wanted more for their future.

They were pedal to metal and determined to get out of debt.

And so they got crazy…
they sold stuff,
he worked a ton of overtime,
they sacrificed a lot,
and she started an Etsy shop.

Two years and $95,000 later…


And where are those crazy kids now, you might ask?

They have 4 adorable children, a beautiful home, a mom-mobile, and live in a gorgeous Denver, Colorado suburb.

But the catch is… when they decided to “get crazy” it was hard, super hard.

We they were strict!
Like, crazy strict.

This venture they embarked upon was not quick, was not painless, and was not easy.

They sacrificed a lot, they were humbled, and were even embarrassed at times.

But do you want to know what they we learned?

I am sure you have resolved that this is our story… a piece of it at least…

We learned the beauty of teamwork.
We learned sacrifice and humility.
We learned hard work and hardship.
We learned consistency and commitment.
We learned simple and we learned stamina.

It took us 2 years to pay off our 95K but I wouldn’t trade those two years for anything.
Those two years required us to pray hard, cling to one another, and gain perspective.

We chose to make a change.

Here is a bit of insight into those two years…

We tithed every. single. pay. period.
We took in a teenage girl, who lived with us for about a year
We sold a Mercedes and traded it in for a Hybrid
We traded vacations for staycations
And we felt more alive, more in control, and more content than ever before.

We were the young, dumb, and deep in debt couple.
We are the ones that worked our butts off and got ourselves out of that mess. 

We still pay cash for everything, we don’t have a credit card, we drive less than fancy vehicles and are working hard toward paying off our house.

We made a choice to change our life and never look back to those slave days.

As the new year approaches I know many of you will endeavor to get out of debt in 2016.
I am here to tell and show you that you can… we are the living proof and example.
Honestly, if we can do it… anyone can.

This is me cheering you on from the sidelines.
You can do this!
It is so very worth the hard work.

We couldn’t have done it without enrolling in an FPU class.
It got us on the same page, the same team, and gave us the tools to accomplish our dreams.

We are now debt free except our house.
We use envelopes.
We pay cash.
We have a retirement account, Roth IRA, and college funds.
We are not fancy or extravagant but we are happy and content.

Nothing feels as good as freedom.

My prayer is that this post would be an encouragement to you.
Get enrolled in a Financial Peace University class
you can change your life and change your family tree.

FPU changed our us, our marriage, and our future.
We pray that this New Year you would make the same choice for your family.

Put in the hard work…
you can do it!


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  1. You two are an inspiration! I believe working hard and reaching your goals, no matter what they are, is the most powerful feeling ever! Keep up the good work! Love to the whole family!