I Live One Alarm to the Next

Since I started the blog I have had quite a few people reach out for advice. (Yes, it’s ok to laugh now.)

I really don’t have it all figured out and I have to wing it most days… But for today I will share with the power of the phone alarm.

I use the alarm on my phone every. single. day.

Of course I use the alarm to actually wake up sometimes, but honestly, that is what it is used for the least.

Here are some screen shots of alarms I currently have set. They are always evolving as life in a big family is anything but consistent.

FullSizeRender (26)

Ok, let’s break this down a bit…

Wake Up Call
Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Times To Leave/Times To Pick Up
3 days a week Payton leaves for school at the same time. Tuesday is a different time and Thursday is it’s own unique time as well. Also, Brady has school 3 days a week. (Are you starting to see the necessity of the alarms now?) I am hoping this habit/skill will help as we add 2 more schedules to the list in the future.

FullSizeRender (25)

Upload Pictures
Every Sunday I have an alarm to upload my pictures. I have the Shutterfly app and upload the photos from the week straight from my phone. My plan  dream is to then make digital photo year books for my kids. For now… Shutterfly- thanks for storing them. I’ll get there some day. Maybe?

How have you served the Lord today?
This alarm goes off every afternoon to help me keep my focus and perspective. It makes me stop and think for a second about what really matters. Not the dishes/laundry/dinner… but how have I used the day God gave me to glorify Him?

Make Coffee
It’s the little things, right? Shane’s main love language is acts of service. One act of service he particularly appreciates (keep it clean) is having the coffee ready in the morning. Previously, in the craziness of the evening I would forget to prep the coffee. Boom! Not anymore.

Cut Kids Nails
Ok, this one is a little embarrassing… but at one point I was cutting 100 nails a week. It seemed like there was always someone who slipped through the cracks and looked like they were headed straight to the Guinness Book of World Records. Payton now clips his own. (For real, he has man hands these days… that would be weird.) I am still at 80 nails a week and I do my best to keep the dragon talons to a minimum.

Pray Together Stay Together This one is my favorite. Shane and I tried for years to pray together before bed but it seemed like it never stayed consistent. This alarm goes off every night and no matter what we are doing (keep it clean) we pause and pray… movies, conversation, etc.

Well, there you have it… one of my life lines… exposed. It’s kinda embarrassing to admit that I need an alarm so I don’t leave a kid somewhere, can keep up on my children’s hygiene, and remember to pray… but I am keeping it real.

Am I the only one that survives the day to day with an alarm system?

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0 thoughts on “I Live One Alarm to the Next

  1. Love this! Wisdom Wednesday is a great idea!!!
    I use my phone calender in much the same way, it sends me notifications for the events throughout the day and week. It’s how I remember to send birthday cards!!! Or i will set the kitchen timer for a certain amount before we have to leave the house so we aren’t late…
    I don’t know what I would do without my phone 🙂

  2. Love my phone alarm…I use it for alot of the same things you do. Sad I need an alarm to remember to pick my son up everyday! But, I too get busy and if I am out working the horses or working in the yard, I get a friendly little reminder that my time is almost up 😉 My calendar reminders are also another blessing. Our busy lives…how did our mom’s do it? Oh I know…I was often picked up late!

  3. Love the cutting nail alarm! I’m only in charge of 10 nails at the moment (20 if you count toes) but they still manage to grow to phenomenal lengths in what seems hours.