Dragon Lady Prevention

Since I started the blog I have had quite a few people reach out for advice. (Yes, it’s ok to laugh now.) I really don’t have it all figured out and I have to wing it most days.

I really don’t have much wisdom and I definitely don’t have it all figured out but I can let you in on one of my secrets…

Get up and get out of bed!

I wasn’t always a morning person, but I have discovered that getting up before the creatures descend from upstairs makes me a better person.

I sit in my chair, drink coffee, and use my own brain for my own purposes. Glorious!

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Here are the things I do during my morning quiet time:
Bible Study
Read a book
Make my to-do list for the day

I know what you are thinking…
I don’t get enough sleep as it is
I would be bored to sit for an hour
I forgot how to use my brain without screaming in the background
The kids will wake up

You can do this… At least give it a try.
Grab a book…Not the glossy board book kind with the fake animal fur, but a real book. Remember those?
Better yet, grab your bible! Sign up to do a bible study with a group.

I also really love to journal during this time. Years ago it started by just writing out my prayers and then it sorta morphed into this blog.
So, grab a journal too while you’re at it! And before you know it… you’ll develop a pen obsession. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Now that you are equipped:

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Here are a few rules for your quiet time…
No phone
No computer
No social media

Ouch, right? But… you will be amazed at what your brain can do when your screen isn’t dictating your every thought.

It is such a simple thing but it is a proven fact (ie: the dragon lady is 95% less likely to come out that day) that I am a better me after I have had my hour alone in the morning.

If I over sleep and don’t get my quiet time I feel like I am playing catch up all day. (Cue the dragon lady theme song.)

Here is how I have had to address the issue of the kids waking up…
First, I had to fine tune my super ninja mommy skills. (Do you remember this scene in Charlie’s Angels… Ya, I’m just about that good.)

Second, everything is set up and ready for me in the morning. (There is no rustling through drawers or running to the car.)

Third, this quiet time is so sacred to me that the big kids are not allowed to interrupt unless there is a fire and they know it! This last bit took some training… but now if Payton wakes up early he sits on the couch across from me and journals. No talking.

You can do it! Just try it for 10 days.
I guarantee you will see and feel a difference!

Anyone already do this? Can you back me up? Leave a comment.

Anyone willing to take the challenge? Leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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  1. Ok people, I have struggled with this concept for years! I’ve avoided it like the plague! I’ve tried to have my quiet time every other time of the day, but it never stuck! I also have a medical condition that makes everything involving the word “sleep” very difficult. But its still been a desire of mine for so long…Just this past January, for my church’s 21 day fasting time, I “gave up” extra sleep and got up when it was still dark to read my bible and do a book study. What a reward! God really honored my sacrifice! I was better prepared for my day, I was a calmer mom during “the dreaded morning routine”, I was learning valuable lessons from my bible study, and most importantly I had woke up talking to my Jesus! What a start!
    I don’t always get it right, its still a struggle, daylight savings time thru my body for a loop, but i have seen the reward and value that time alone. I will continue to do my best, and get up with the birds, and talk to Jesus! I urge you to do the same!!!

    Thanks Christen, You were my inspiration and encourager! 🙂