When Your Toddler Has No Fashion Sense

Yesterday I bought the last pair of shoes for the last kid for the first day of school and it was so much more than I had bargained for.

The 2 older boys had settled on some sweet Nike’s that just happened to match one another. Adorbs.
(Payton didn’t really think so but whatev!)

As I went to buy the third pair of new shoes I figured we would get those same Nike’s just in the toddler version and oh how darling it would be. I could see the matching shoe picture in my head already.
Lame, I know, but it’s just how I roll.

When we got to the store, I saw them there taunting me… not the Nikes, the Turtles… The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that is.


Let’s back it up to the beginning of summer… My James-o has become obsessed with TMNT upon finding some old action figures at Oma and Opa’s house. I don’t even think he has seen the movie, (but he’s the 3rd kid and I am starting to lose track of the details around here). Regardless, our summer and his birthday has filled this house with enough TMNT paraphernalia to last a lifetime.

This is our most recent family photo as we celebrated Big J’s 4th birthday.


Classy, right? Total Christmas card material. Haha.

Ok, back to the shoes…
I first need to explain that I have never been a fan of character anything and a huge hater of light up shoes. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Kids don’t usually like the same character for extended periods of time… as in, the lifetime of the shoe.
  2. They are big and clunky.
  3. They are just kinda hideous.
  4. What happens when the lights stop working? Then you just have big clunky shoes adorned with a character your kid no longer cares for.

BUUUUUUUT, parenting is extremely humbling and I have had to eat my pre-parenting/self-righteous/opinionated words more than once.
I had negative opinions about all kinds of things, especially shoes, many of which my children have subsequently worn: flip flops on the playground (but they are just so easy for the littles to put on themselves),
squeaker shoes (these suckers finally motivated MG to start walking),
crocs (these started as a hand-me-down and now I am fully hooked),
and high heels on babies (oh how I swore my daughter would never…).

Nom, nom, nom… just eating those words.

Long story, shortened… We bought the dumb shoes and let me tell you… James strutted around in his TMNT light up nightmares all day yesterday! He could hardly wait to show dad all about them and how fast they make him. The kid even tried to sleep in them.

To sum it all up…. Once again, it’s not about me.
It’s not about what I think is cool or would make an adorable brother photo. My 4-year-old is happy with his big, ugly, clunky, shiny, TMNT, shoes… and therefore so am I, I guess. Honestly, the joy that was radiating from my sweet boy yesterday was worth every bitter flavor of every word I had to eat.

So my question for you this morning is… Do you have any hang ups like mine?
Maybe you’ve had to eat some words in the past?

Where do you get caught up?
Is it in your child’s wardrobe?
In their lunchbox?
Or maybe it’s their behavior in public?

Please share… Tell me I am not alone!

I think it is so very important to remember to let our kids be kids, to not be hung up on what other people think, and honestly… it’s not about you, so get to chewing.

On the bright side, at least I won’t lose him in the dark….??



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3 thoughts on “When Your Toddler Has No Fashion Sense

  1. Love kids who know what they want! My Nick, soon to be 35, wore shorts every single day in kindergarten and long pants every single day in first grade. Go figure!? But now he has an 18 month old daughter who dresses herself in some very interesting and somewhat fashionista styles. Love that they let her express herself too! It just makes life fun and happy in my book!

  2. I’m with you. Two days ago I left the store with clunky, shiny, light up batman shoes for Kindergarten. I gently tried to sell
    Him on the sweet high tops, saying they look just like daddy’s but it didn’t work. So I swallowed my pride, and I have a super happy little 5 year old. He hasn’t lost them yet so it will probably actually work in my favor for the morning school scramble.
    It’s not about me anyway….

  3. If you were describing the shoes in this picture, they aren’t bad at all! 🙂 Wait until you have to talk about permanent tattoos!!!