You Are More Than The Sum Of Your Past Mistakes

trust me, I know

Do you have a messy past?
Did you screw up?
Are you ashamed?

I have been all those… and it really doesn’t get you anywhere.

You have to get over yourself.
Get over your mess.
Get over your mistakes.
And move on!!

You are so much more than than your rap sheet.

Life is all about what you do with those messy experiences…

Are you more focused on who you were than who you are and who you are becoming?

Is it a divorce?
Is it a crime?
Is it a broken relationship among family members?
Unexpected pregnancy?

I am here to tell you that God is bigger than all your past mistakes added up in on a divine calculator and coming to a grand total.

He is bigger than your past and He is bigger than your present.
And you better believe that He is bigger that anything you could ever imagine for your future.

So… I guess my biggest question to you is what are you waiting for?

If God is for you,
not against you,
Then what shall stand against??
Romans 8:31

If you have God on your side…
A God that doesn’t keep record of your past… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Get on it!

Make a difference.
Change the world.
Leave your mark.

You get a second/third/fourth/etc. chance…

Start looking to the future.
Start looking toward Heaven.
Start thinking about your impact on eternity.

What was it that first thing came to your mind when I started asking all these questions?

Go do that thing!
If nothing else… It is a great place to start.

You might fail ten times…
but you might succeed…
and it could be BIG…

All you need is a strong prayer and a loose plan.
(and maybe some coffee)

Go out.
Go out and make a difference.
Go out and make a difference using your life story.


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3 thoughts on “You Are More Than The Sum Of Your Past Mistakes

  1. Thx christen I needed to hear this today. Thx for your encouragement. I’ve been married for 20 years barely hanging on. On Christmas night I got into an argument w my husband left to take a drive. I was emotional took a sharp turn hit a hill flipped over & my new car of 3 months is now totaled. Not insured. Lost my wedding ring a month ago. I already have a messy marriage & now I just added to the mess….. I’m a stay @ home mom my kids are all in school. My husband works away from home a lot. I’m alone feel like a failure most of the time. I live in Tehachapi which is not my choice of place to live no family up here have a hard time w the winters etc…I feel isolated can’t find a job in this small town & now just found out that my husband will b working away from home for 6 months where we used to live but he refuses to move back. Please pray for me I’m sinking. Wish you still lived here I would have a friend to hang with. Thx for your honesty & encouragement

    • Leah, I will be praying for you in all these areas. Just remember God has a plan for you. Jer 29:11

  2. Oh the years I spent on the guilt and confusion…why is it sometimes so hard to except Christ’s love? His exceptance? His peace?
    I’m know living in freedom! Freedom from my past mistakes, freedom from hurt and pain, freedom from lies I believed about myself. Freedom is so freeing! When you understand how wide, how high, how all encompassing Christ’s love is for you…it stays with you from then on. Forever! Will you struggle sometimes? Probably…but Christ forgives always!
    Just get back up again! 🙂