What I Read This Summer

I am a reader!

I LOVE to read, especially if I like what I am reading… I know that sounds like common sense, but take a second to think about it. There were different seasons of academia which required me to read a whole bunch of words I didn’t care about. It was frustrating and turned me off of reading for a long time.

Now I read what I want, when I want, and as quickly as I want. And if I don’t like the book… I don’t finish it. There is no test at the end. Sometimes you just simply have to move on!

There is something freeing in what I just said… seriously, I give you permission to put a book down and move on. If you are not feeling it… on to the next!

Also… write in your books! Underline, star, circle, highlight… make them your own. I love to be able to go back and find something in a book and scribbling all over seems to make it a little easier.

Here is what I read this summer:

The Best Yes – Lysa TerKeurst

The concept of this book was to be brave enough to say no, to keep yourself from being overwhelmed, and to learn when and how to say yes/no. She has several pages in the back of the book which are artistically filled with chapter by chapter underline-worthy statements, she calls them “Things I Don’t Want You To Forget.”  Naturally, I loved this portion of the book. I only wish they weren’t printed on both sides so that I could cut them out and tape them all over my house!

  • Favorite Underline from this book – “Let’s use the two most powerful words, yes and no, with resounding assurance, graceful clarity, and guided power. All so people may see Jesus when they see us. Hear Jesus when they hear us. And know Jesus when they know us.”

I have also read her book Unglued… and it’s a great read too!

The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren

An oldie but a goodie. I read this book about 10 years ago when it first came out… but man, it is crazy how different it felt this time around. I think I will try to reread it every 10 years. It is a 40 day journey to figure out what in the world you are supposed to do while here on this planet.

  • Favorite Underline – “We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

Kisses from Katie –  Katie Davis


This book just about ripped my heart out. She is so young, so brave, and so amazing. The book is about her journey of starting a new life in Africa, adopting 14 children, and changing the lives of thousands. This book is a tear jerker, eye opener, and heart breaker but totally worth every page. Warning… you are probably going to want to adopt some beautiful ebony babies for yourself.

  • Favorite Underline – “Disease is not a sin. And poverty is not a sin; it is a condition, a circumstance that allows God’s work to be displayed.”

For The Love – Jen Hatmaker


This is my favorite book, maybe ever. Seriously, it was sooooo good. I devoured it a few quick days. Her words are direct, her heart is pure, and it doesn’t hurt that she is hilarious. Due to my resounding adoration of the book… there are lots of underlines but if I had to pick a favorite…

  • FU (FU… haha, funny/not funny) – it would have to be… well, this entire page.


Did I mention that I kinda have a “thing” for Jen? We go way back…


This next one has me teetering back and forth over whether or not I am going to finish it. I am loving the concept, but sometimes it feels a little drawn out. It is still on the nightstand… I will have to give the final review later.

Overrated – Eugene Cho

The concept is that we are more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually getting out there and changing it.


Again, love the concept but we will see if it gets finished.

This weekend I ordered Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson.

Want to read it with me?
Could be fun!
We could have a little dialog on the blog about it!


What did you read this summer?



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