What I Learned From The Free Sample Lemon Cookies at Costco

unnamed-7I am so happy to report that everything went very well for Sweet MG during her hospital stay. They were monitoring her sleep to see if she was having silent seizures, which in turn would be causing intellectual damage, and they found no such thing!

The good news is that she does not have worst case scenario, the bad news is they still don’t know why she had the regression in her in speech and development, i.e…. more tests to come.

For now, I’ll take it!

Now let me tell you a little story about lemon cookies…

On the way home from the hospital I had to run into Costco. We needed dog food and eggs (non-negotiables in our house).unnamed-5

Of course MaryGrace had fallen asleep before we even got to the freeway but I thought waking her up might be good and hoped that we would both be able to nap when we got home.

Well, waking her caused her to be a hot mess, shocker. She didn’t want to ride in the cart, she didn’t want to walk, she just wanted to be held. Ok fine, you were just on a 30 foot leash for the last 36 hours, I will hold you and attempt to manuever the freakishly large shopping cart through the swarms of people in Costco. No big. Right?

Well as I was bumping into people, wrangling a crying/exhausted toddler and navigating my way through the aisles we came across a sample table.

This sweet lady was giving out lemon cookies. Perfect! What better distraction for a 2-year-old than cookies?

So we clumsily made our way to the table.

I showed MG the cookies and asked her if she would like one. As she reached in to grab one herself the sweet lady snapped at her and told her that her mother (me, who was holding her) would have to grab it.
Ok, fine lady. Germs. I get it.

I grabbed a cookie and handed it to MG. Of course, it was the wrong cookie and MG freaked out a little bit. Now sweet lady started correcting MG and I started to sweat.
(Did I mention that MG was wearing a polyester Minnie Mouse costume which make her rather slippery and hard to hold on to?)
I was readjusting Little Miss and trying to talk her down from the cookie trauma when the lady snapped again, (insert very nasty mean old lady voice) “They are all the same. Not worth throwing a fit. It’s just a cookie.”

Her look of disgust with my child and my mothering abilities had me seeing red.
We were just trying to grab a free cookie and move along, but this had now turned into soooo much more.

With as much poise as I could muster I looked her dead in the eye and explained, “We just left Children’s Hospital where she was not able to get much rest and I do not appreciate your lack of patience and kindness.”

She was stunned and just stared back at me.
I grabbed another cookie and got the heck-ito out of there.

(As I was telling Shane this story he interrupted me at this point and excitedly asked if I flipped the tray of cookies as I walked away. He said that would have made an awesome blog post. Sorry y’all, no tray flipping or cookie throwing at the senior citizen.)
However, my mind was racing with all sorts of awful things to say, but I didn’t… I am so mature and all grown up now that I am 30 and all. right?

The moral of the story?
The old adage…

Be kind, for you never know what someone else is going through or what battle they are fighting.

Sweet Lady had no idea we had just left the hospital.
She had no idea MaryGrace just endured a rigorous examination.
She had no idea we were exhausted and just need some dad gum dog food.
She had no idea.

All we can do in situations such as these is have grace. Sweet Lady only saw an unruly toddler, dressed like a princess, refusing to sit in the cart, and demanding the perfect cookie (which was much more like a wafer, BTW).
Maybe she thought she was helping?
Maybe she was just old and crotchety?

Although it might have made for a more entertaining story… I am glad I didn’t flip the tray of cookies wafers at the woman. I am glad I didn’t say anything mean or disrespectful. I am glad I didn’t cause a scene.

I might have been seeing red and in a full body sweat, but I kept it cool and man I am grateful that I did because as I was driving home and replaying the scene in my head it hit me… just as she didn’t know what was going on in our lives, we didn’t know about hers either.

Maybe the kid before us licked the whole tray of cookies and caused her more work?
Maybe she was just reprimanded by her boss?
Maybe she got bad news that morning?
Maybe she wasn’t feeling well?

To keep it simple… it was not for either of us to judge the behavior of the other. It can be so easy to get caught up in our own little world, with our own problems and dramas. But really, when we keep that  inward focus we are doing a disservice to ourselves and those around us.
I quickly reminded myself… “Christen, it’s not about you.”

So for today… let’s have grace and…

Be kind, for you never know what someone else is going through or what battle they are fighting.


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