Top Posts And A Few Fun Facts From 2016

It’s officially 2017 (I can hardly believe it!) and maybe you are like me, (and 99% of the world) reflecting on 2016. I shared in our family Christmas letter that the year started out simple for our family and we ended with a bang… it also has a cute little blurp about each kiddo. (Just go take a look.)

However, I didn’t talk much about the blog in that letter… I guess it just feels awkward? But this week I spent some time looking at numbers (made my head hurt) and I was shocked at what I found. Mr. Awesome (the engineer) loved helping me analyze the data and crunch the numbers. (I am fairly certain there will be spread sheets… he likes to help. It’s his way of showing me love.)

As I reflected on the blog over the the past year I was truly amazed at God’s work and humbled that I get to be part of it. From day one I vowed that this blog was never to glorify me, my family, my accomplishments, or anything else Christen. I determined to make this blog to be a safe place for women to land and know they are not alone, a place to seek refuge, a place to relate, a place to take a deep breath and ultimately a place to love on one another.

This week was the blog’s second birthday and much like a toddler who is learning to walk… the year had some giggles, tears, new accomplishments and a couple of wipe outs.  I have learned a lot about finding my voice, defining my reader, and being true to myself.

In all honesty, I couldn’t do it without you! I am so grateful for every reader, follower, and subscriber. Thank you for bearing with me through the typos, learning curves, and technical difficulties. Thank you also for letting me share my heart. I know you cannot possibly agree with everything I say, but you are kind and for that I am grateful.

Ok, enough with the sappy stuff!
With the help of Mr. Awesome and the stats report provided by WordPress, I thought it might be fun to look a few fun facts and the top 5 posts from 2016.

First a Few Fun Facts:
– You, my sweet readers, represent 167 different countries! (Kinda crazy for this small town girl.)
– The most common time you are reading is on Fridays at 8 am
– Someone landed on my page by googling “christen spratt age” (Thanks for asking… I am 31)

And finally, here are the top 5 posts from 2016…
#5 was actually written in 2015, but it was in the top 5 and it’s my favorite of all time, so it counts!

1. Raising Them To Leave Me

2. MaryGrace Update – Back To The Peppermint Forest


3. To The Woman In Her Bikini At The Community Pool

4. What I Learned From The Free Sample Lemon Cookies at Costco

5. How My Husband Has Taught Me That Love Is A Choice

Again, my dear readers, thank you for an awesome 2016 and I am really looking forward to what is in store for 2017!

Was your favorite post in the top 5?

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