Today I Turn 30… Will You Help Me Celebrate?


Guys, I. AM. 30.

Like, right now… as I am typing this… 3-0.

To be honest, I am mostly excited to enter this next decade of life.

During my 20s I have picked up plenty of party favors… a husband, a slew of kids, a mortgage, an SUV, a horrible wardrobe that looks like it could fit 5 different people, and a bit of skin damage.

But overall, my twenties were great, I consider myself very blessed and I want to pay it forward.

Since you are my tribe, I thought I would ask you for some help…
I was hoping you would help me celebrate my birthday by blessing some people, sorta like a random acts of kindness deal?

It could be something easy… like helping a momma by taking the empty shopping cart back to the front of the store.
It could be small… like paying for coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks.
It could be big… like visiting a retirement community and spending time with some lonely folks.
It could out of your comfort zone… like buying a bag of cheese burgers and handing them out to the homeless.
It could be a donation… drop off some diapers, non-perishables, or money to your charity of choice.
It could even be a long term commitment like sponsoring a child from overseas or adopting an animal from the shelter.

You pick whatever pricks your heart.

But, would you help me celebrate today?
There is nothing I love to see more on Facebook and other social media venues than people doing good.

After you have blessed someone, will you post it on Facebook? I would love to see pictures or hear about what you did, please tag me or you can even just post it to my wall and be sure to include the hashtag #Celebrate30WithRAK

Guys… Please share this post on  your wall and let’s see how many people will join us!

Let’s start a thing… let’s blow up the internet with this… let’s make a difference!


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