Yesterday I Sucked

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break 2015 and I sucked.

We have had company more or less for the majority of the last month so I had/have a lot of catching up to do. Therefore, I decided to stay home this week, love on the kiddos, and get some crap done.

Today I sucked for a handful of reasons but I can attribute a huge factor to the fact that I broke my own cardinal rule. You know… the one I preached on last week…
I slept in! And I did it on purpose. It was my way of celebrating Spring Break. Big mistake!! Cue the Dragon Lady.

During my belated quiet time I broke out my notepad and scribbled down all those monkeys that have been hanging out on my back.

The list was ridiculous.
Seriously… it was more than one column and more than a week worth of extra tasks. I had everything on that list from washing sheets, moving furniture, decorating for Easter, and making annoying phone calls.

But me, being me, decided to try to knock them all out in one day. I was a bit overly ambitious.

The thought process was… I would get all my tasks done and chores caught up so that I could enjoy the rest of the week with the kids. (We budgeted for the week the same as we would have if we went on vacation so I was/am looking forward to an adventure or two.)


Here is how the day played out…

Plan A was go to the gym, run a couple of errands, feed kids lunch at Costco, be home in time for naps, and get some crap done while they sleep.

Then there was a knock at the door…
(I forgot that someone was coming to replace one of our doors.)

I looked haggard to say the least. Even Saul looked at me like I was the walking dead. And if I am going to describe myself as haggard then the house can only be described as a demolition zone.

And of course the door they were here to replace was the one right off the kitchen.

To give you some perspective:

The kitchen:
(note the massive list… I wasn’t even finished with it at this point)  IMG_7392

And to get to the kitchen you have to walk through the dining room:

FullSizeRender (32)

You can just assume that the living room and entry way were equally comparable.

Back to Saul… he knocked on the door, looked at me in terror, and then headed to truck to get his tools and what nots. (I am pretty sure he generously gave me an extra 5 minutes based on the terrified look on my greasy face and the all the children screaming in the background.)

At this point all parenting books, rules, and educated experiences went out the window.

I was begging, bribing and threatening everyone to help get the house in some sort of acceptable manner.

Well, some kids helped, most kids cried, and I was sweating profusely.

On to Plan B. I decided to wait for the door to be installed, the littles would take an early nap, then we would run our errands.

Plan B really turned out to be more like Plan C. As in… C ya later, mom has officially lost it.

– The door took forever and still isn’t right

– Costco lunch was out (I had to creatively feed my people with the sad state my cupboards are in the day before a Costco trip)

– My kids had a full on brawl at Home Depot (first stop) (only bought 1 thing) and in the car (he’s touching me), and in Costco, and when we got back home…(you get the point… they were at each other ALL DAY)

– Went to Costco hungry (rookie move)… great for the samples, bad for the bottom line. (how am I ever going to use all those mushrooms?)

– Forgot the paperwork for one of the main reasons for the errands (get to do it all over again tomorrow, lucky me)

– Shockingly… I didn’t finish the list (I did, however, add the extra things that I did just so that I could cross them off. It was one of those days where I needed to feel accomplished for bathing a kid or two.)

So ya, I sucked yesterday.

Instead of enjoying the sunshine we raced against the clock to complete the list.
Instead of giggling…  we yelled, cried, and whined.
Instead of enjoying our first day of break we barely survived it.

Thank goodness there is a tomorrow,  a new day, and we get to try again.

Today there is no list.
Today I will be intentional about loving on, spending time with, and enjoying my kiddos. (See above pictures to reference what my house will look like by the end of the day.) Thank you, Lord, that your mercies are new each morning.

What are you going to do different with a new day?

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  1. Your intentions were true and that’s important! You didn’t suck…you survived and so did the kids! How wonderful is the gift of another day, another opportunity to focus on the little miracles that happen ALL the time! I’m grateful every morning for another opportunity to finish my unfinished tasks (they are always there!) but also to marvel at the beauty that manifests itself all around me. God is good and He has a good sense of humor too! Kiss those babies for me! 🙂