To The World’s Okayest Moms As We Wrap Up The School Year

It’s that time of the year again. We are in the final count down of school and we are weary.
I am not kidding you.
We, the Spratts, are on our bellies, clawing our dilapidated bodies across the finish line.
It’s really not pretty at this point.

This last stretch of the school year I have felt as though something was always slipping through the cracks. Snack day for the football team, grades, homework, cavities, oil changes, laundry, thank you cards, the list goes on and on!

To put it simply…
I am done. They are done. We are done.
I am done packing lunches and getting people to their places on time.
I am done with all the end of the year nonsense… performances, awards, celebrations, and don’t forget the last minute party for summer birthdays. Ugh. Done. So done.

However, I am mostly done feeling like a failure.

In the muck of all the end of the year shenanigans there are the lovely end of the year awards.
(I thought America was against every kid getting an award just for participating? Apparently we got over that and we are on to bathrooms now? I can’t keep up.)

Anyway, all these precious cherubs are being awarded for their individuality, classroom contributions, and unique awesomeness:

Most Friendly
Best Problem Solver
Super Speller
Excellent Penmanship
Strong Leader

Last night I got to thinking… What if there was a system that passed out these awards to the Moms? Eek.(Probably not a healthy train of thought with the whole “feeling like a failure” thing, but I went there.)

I don’t know about you, but I think mine would look a little something like this:

Most Likely to be Running Late
Best Burn Out
Super Nag
Excellent Lunchable Packer
Strong Coffee Drinker

It made me long for some positive reinforcement; an award, maybe?
Something with my name on it to acknowledge a job well done… heck, even just a job completed would be something at this point.

Ya, so this sort of acknowledgment doesn’t exist for us Moms.
One might think something like this would occur on Mother’s Day, but ya, no.

The good new my sweet friends?
There is no earthly award system for us to strive towards.
There is no “Best Mom Award” and in all honesty… there are many different types of a good mom. We don’t have to fit a mold or meet a certain standard.

Sometimes it is a huge accomplishment just to stick your fingers in your ears and not scream back at your small human. Sometimes it is enough to just choose mercy for your wee one who has forgotten his lunch more times than not. Sometimes the award is just a hug, a snuggle, or an “I love you.”

Our highest calling as mothers is to imitate Christ… we are definitely going to mess this up and fall short, (He was perfect, after all) but Jesus was known for his grace and sacrifice. He gives it to me and I want to give it to my people.

I am not so much worried about my kids remembering an award winning mom who had it all together. I want my kids to remember a mother who talked like He talked, loved like He loved, forgave like He forgave, listened like He listened and taught like He taught.

So for the remainder of the school year (7 days 8 hours and 27 minutes, but who’s counting?), I am going to keep on dragging my people across that line. I won’t be earning any awards this year and yes, plenty of things have fallen through the cracks but my kids know they are loved and adored… for this weary mama, that is enough.

Let us run with perseverance the race set out before us, looking to Jesus. (Hebrews 2:2-3)

How are you fairing as this school year wraps up?
Are you weary?

I have a facebook group called the World’s Okayest Moms… if you need some love and encouragement, join us! We are real, authentic, and most importantly… we are there for one another.

In fact, let’s move this conversation over there and have a good laugh about all the end of the school mayhem we are enduring!

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