Tips For Selling A Home While Living In It (WITH KIDS)

7 weeks ago we made the grand decision to put the house on the market… Our plan is to sell our home here in Colorado and move back to California. I explained it better here if you care to know the deets.

Since we have been on the market I get asked all the time about the difficulties of keeping the house clean while ya know, living in it with all these humans.
And you know what?
It IS hard.
Super hard some days.

There are a lot of moving pieces in this house. There are 3 boys heading to school each morning and apparently they like to eat… in the morning, take food for lunch, snacks after school, and then dinner! What gives? So much food!

Then there is the little tornado whom is home all day. Little Miss has an attention span of zero and is constantly hopping from one activity to the next.

The truth is, I am really not a housekeeping perfectionist to begin with. I like things tidy and sanitary but by no means do I have any OCD tendencies when it comes to keeping up with this place.

However, when I know people will be in my home looking over every square inch, I have got to up my game.

In trying to do so I have realized that some of the basic parenting nuggets I have tried to teach my children have not really stuck. Pretty much if my kids were just doing all these things it would make prepping the house for a showing a whole lot simpler!

Take it from this weary mama and engrain these things in your child’s head!
You can thank me later.

  1. Close the toilet seat— Every time as I run through to make sure things are perfect decent, I find multiple raised toilet seats. Not the end of the world, but then again, I am not the world’s best cleaner and it just seems safer to keep those suckers shut!
  2. Open the drapes— my kids have black out curtains (because I love myself) but they are supposed to open them each morning to let the sunshine in. (I have this image of Mary Poppins opening the windows and chatting with the birds.) Apparently, when showing a house you are supposed to light the thing up like a christmas tree. Not just with light bulbs, but also with, the sun-light.
    I am thinking that maybe I have created some vampires?
  3. Make your bed (well)— They make their beds as if it were some sort of challenge to see how well they could do without using their hands. I am fairly certain those opposable thumbs are going to waste. Each morning the beds look like they just finished jumping on them.
  4. Don’t eat like the Cookie Monster— It’s horrifying, really. They just take the food and shove it right in. It makes no difference if it’s a piece of toast, a pile of dino nuggets, or spaghetti… it’s ugly and all over the floor. Oh! and they have a new love for boiled eggs and of course they like to peel said eggs all. by. themselves.
    (Guys, it’s hard to argue about boiled eggs… they are healthy, filling and oh so easy! But the mess of WHITE egg shells it enough to make a mom go postal!)

Also, in my situation here a a few things I have learned to accept:

  1. Technology is survival. If my kid is watching a show or playing Wii they will not be dumping out all the train tracks or coloring on the walls or peeling more eggs! Embrace the tech. Don’t fight it. It’s ok, I can read to them in 2017 when we are settled into the new house.
  2. Frozen food is not messy. Mini corndogs, french fries, fish sticks, and nuggets may or may not even be real food, but when you don’t want your house to smell like you live in it and you don’t want a sink full of dishes… frozen foods come to the rescue.
  3. Coffee and wine are your friends. Consuming insane amounts of caffeine should be expected in order to sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, and wipe all. the. dang. time. And at night when you know no one can call at the last minute trying to see your house… wine. ahhhh.
  4. You and your people will probably hate each other a bit, at least for a while. It’s hard to be sweet, tender, and loving when all this is happening. The kids get tired of being told to remake a bed or wipe out the sink. As for marriage… the pressure of moving is like laying a bazillion pound weight upon a carton of eggs… messy.

But take heart my dear readers… we will persevere.
We have made it through far worse.
We’ve got this and if you find yourself moving too…
Bury this post somewhere safe for that dark day and be sure to stock up on windex, air freshener, and wine.

Speaking of…Want to buy a house in Southwest Denver? It is LOVELY, friends. A really good price, too. Just give me an hour or so advance notice to tidy up.



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One thought on “Tips For Selling A Home While Living In It (WITH KIDS)

  1. The theme I heard throughout this post is you giving yourself GRACE! And it’s beautiful ?
    Your home will sell, and your family will come out on the other side stronger and more bonded then ever! Just think, soon you will be digging your feet in the sand as we coloradians dig our cars out of the snow!
    P.S. I will miss my Bestie and her Sprattpack desperately.