This Is Man and This Is His Day AGAIN

When I wrote this post last year the blog was less than a month old which means there were about 5 of you reading… that includes my mom and Shane. I thought now that there are a few more of you… I would share it again and even make it applicable to the reader.D71_8262

Even though these words were previously written they are as true as they were 365 days ago.
(However, I made an addendum at the end if you are interested.)

God really hit a homerun when he created my favorite human on January 19th, 34 years ago. And for some reason, He decided to bless me with the gift of Shane Rydel Spratt. My man is more than I asked for. (I literally had a list of specifics that I was asking God for in my future husband. He exceeded them abundantly in this man.)

I am so grateful for him as a husband, father, and best friend. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me feel valuable, and most of all he makes me feel loved. Now, don’t get me wrong… we fight. And sometimes we fight BIG. But he is worth fighting for.

I asked Payton and Brady to tell me their favorite things about their daddy…

Payton said that his favorite thing is that he always makes things fun. Even a simple day at home is more fun when dad is there. (I couldn’t agree more! He even makes scrubbing toilets fun! Yes ladies… my man scrubs toilets!)

Brady said his favorite thing is when he spends time with him and wrestling. (Again, I couldn’t agree more…)

Funny question… but is it possible that he looks even hotter with a baby in his arms? Why yes, I think it’s not only possible, but I think it’s true!

Even though he feels like this at the end of the day…img_5395

One of my favorite things he does with the kids is bedtime. I would love to send my precious little creatures off to dreamland in a sweet, loving way… but it just doesn’t seem to happen that way. By the end of the day this momma is spent. Instead, now I sit on my bed and listen… I hear a daddy making silly voices as he reads stories, I hear the kids giggle as he tickles them, and best of all… I hear him lead them in prayer and teach them about our Daddy in Heaven. (swoon)

I am so grateful for the gift of Shane and as a birthday present I want to give him the gift of me. I want to be a better wife and friend. I pray that God will help me to be joyful, patient, prepared, and gracious. I pray that God will give me only words to build up my man and never to tear down. I pray that I will have a servant’s heart and love him selflessly.

Shane…I promise to love on you, laugh with you, and fight for you. You are my best friend and so much more than I deserve.

Happy Birthday!

A. Here are the kids favorite things about dad this year, James included:
– Payton’s favorite thing about dad is how he spends time with them, playing games, doing bedtime, playing catch, going snow boarding.
– Brady’s favorite thing about dad is how he gives treats when mom won’t.
– James’ favorite thing about dad is how they youtube Gumby at story time.

(I guess this makes me a lame mom who doesn’t give out enough treats and actually reads at story time.)

B. Just when I thought he couldn’t be anymore awesome, God provided an opportunity for him to adopt Payton and he did. My man is a man of his word. He said yes to him 7 years ago but it became legal 10 months ago. My man is admirable and his love for Payton is astonishing.
Shane, thank you for always loving him and making him feel like your own.

C. Since last year he has become mildly obsessed with road biking… which has involved a whole lot more spandex than I ever thought I’d see my man wear… whoa! But he has found his thing. It’s good for his body and its good for his mind, which makes it all good for me!

D. My gift to him is still the same… I give you me. It is the most sacred thing I can offer. I give you my time, respect (this includes my tone of voice), and the deepest love I have to offer.

D71_8397Here’s the thing guys, we are sooooo not perfect. We fight and we don’t get it right sometimes, but we are committed. He is the one worth fighting for.

I challenge you today to find a way to offer these words or something similar to your man. It can be on a piece of paper, an email, or straight from your lips. But find a way to give him these life giving words.

I am so grateful for the gift of you and as a present I want to give you the gift of me. I want to be a better wife and friend. I’m praying for God to help me be more joyful, patient, prepared, and gracious. I’m praying that God will give me only words to build you up and never to tear you down. I’m praying for a servant’s heart and to love you selflessly. 

________, I promise to love on you, laugh with you, and fight for you. You are my best friend and so much more than I deserve. 

I am going to venture to say that it could change your life and change your marriage.

So do it!!

Please let me know if/when you give the gift of these words to you husband. You can comment below, on the Facebook post, or even personally contact me.

I can’t wait to hear what God does with this!



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  1. Happy happy birthday Shane! You are a catch! You and Christen are a beautiful picture of grace, never-ending love, and so much fun!!! 🙂