Thirtylicious Celebration in Photos

This has been such a fun birthday… It should be called a birth-week. I have been loved on and blessed by so many.


First, my mom (AKA Mary Poppins) threw me an early birthday party while she was here.
(It should be noted that she went to the store for supplies, baked a cake, and cleaned my house all while she watching the kids and we were out celebrating our anniversary. There is a good reason I call here Mary Poppins.)

After MP left… the sibs started rolling in… It is shame they are not more fun.



Friday was my actual 30th birthday so we decided to celebrate that night! We had an overnight sitter lined up, a hotel booked and we were ready to go.

Then Shane threw out his back.


We cancelled the sitter and Shane stayed home with the kiddos. (Thank goodness Payton can lift sis in to her crib.)
We kept the hotel reservation, switched it from a king bed to 2 queens and invited the sibs.
(The gorgeous brunette on the left is a grafted-in/adopted sib. She flew in from Cali to be with me. Love her!)


We met up with everyone at the Terminal Bar in Union Station.



The gym girls represented!


The rest of the night included a lot of fun, laughs, and dancing.
(I have decided I am officially too old for such shenanigans.)

The next morning we went to Snooze for breakfast and then headed back to reality.


I cannot thank you all enough for all the love I felt on my birthday.
Thank you for making it so special.

If you would like to continue the celebration… for the month of November we are using the hashtag #Celebrate30RAK and doing random acts of kindness. You can read more about it here.

Please join in the fun!


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2 thoughts on “Thirtylicious Celebration in Photos

  1. That’s the way to celebrate! Who said it had to be confined to a single day? S-t-r-e-t-c-h I-t o-u-t for as long as you can. Happy Continuing Birthday.