Things Were A Little Shaky There For A While, But We Are Still Here

Sometimes life is challenging.

Sometimes life is difficult.

Sometimes life requires you stretch beyond your comfort zone,

And sometimes life is just plain old, dad gum hard for no apparent reason.

Can we just be real for just a second
and take a minute to set aside our FaKebook life,
now, would you please repeat after me…

real life is hard,
family is hard,
motherhood is hard,
marriage is hard
and I/we are normal.

And then when life adds a move (or any other number of chaotic life things) to the mix we have to take a minute to confess…
new schedules are hard
new homes are hard
new jobs are hard
new schools are hard
new teachers are hard
new kitchens are hard
new pantries are hard
new neighbors are hard
new friends (or the lack there of) are hard
new gyms/grocery stores are hard
new trash/recycling days are hard
new Costcos/Targets/Home Depots are hard (seriously… the struggle is real, I really wish I could use google maps inside all of these places. Why can’t they all be set up exactly the same?)

The point of all this whining you ask…?


Well, I guess the point is to say that even when you are “going home” or “living the dream” life is still hard and there are still real life struggles.

Sometimes these struggles require us to check out and hunker down.
Sometimes there is a season of quiet,
and solitude,
and bracing for impact.
That is where we were.
There have been plenty of things I wanted to post and blog about but something inside me said, “not now, not yet.”
So here I am, 12 weeks into this crazy new season of ours and ready to share!

Sidenote… Truly, I have been so grateful for the many of you that have reached out and inquired about my season of quiet.
We are okay. We were just adjusting.
We definitely went through some stuff… apparently moving can require you to more unpacking than just the physical boxes (more on that later).

In the meantime…
We are here establishing the new Spratt Pack Headquarters and I can’t wait to tell and show you more!
I don’t even know where to start… but here are a few highlights:

– The school adjustment process for the kids has be dumbfounding… in a good way! Glory to God!!! Moving a 6th grader and 1st grader was nothing short of nerve-racking but the kids did AHHH-mazing! They had some awesome teachers and have already made some great friends.

– We LOVE our new house and neighborhood. We never thought anything would compare to our precious and beloved Ken Caryl, and although it is nothing like the KC… it is perfect for who we are and where we are in this present time.
(Not going to lie, I will miss the deer/elk and the summer rain… hopefully we can experience both when we visit Colo this summer!)

We are officially a diaper free house! Yep, little Miss is now proudly sporting some big girl chonies! In true MG fashion… it was all in her time and her decision. In fact, I had very little to do with the entire process… this is her world, we are all just living in it.

– We have found the most amazing church! Seriously though… all 6 of us LOVE it! Youth group, Christian Karate, bible studies, engaging Sunday morning talks, awesome children’s programs and an amazing outreach (more here too, stay tuned!) But fo’ real, it has been such a life line!

– Also, mid April, my baby sister got married… it was the real life Sweet Home Alabama story and I couldn’t be happier for her. (Maybe I can convince her to share her story with all of you… it’s really that good. Like, they already made a movie about it, she’s just living it out.)

– About ten days after the wedding and only 6-7 weeks-ish after the big move, Shane and I went to Italy for about 2 weeks!!! It was the honeymoon we couldn’t afford 8 years ago and a defibrillator to our marriage.
(Well, shoot… we have a lot of catching to do! More about all that later too!)

In short…
Life has been hard and pretty good
and pretty hard and super great
and super hard and mostly awesome.

That said, the soul searching and God wrestling that was done in the last 12 weeks has been crucial to me and my story/to us and our story. As always, I am/we are a work in progress.
I am/we are still imperfect.
I/we will still mess up.
I/we will still need to usher an apology from time to time.

But I am me, we are we and I am/we are stronger than the last time I shared from the heart.

So, here I am in SoCal…
loving life and being completely displaced all at the same time.
I can’t wait to start the conversation with you again!

I miss you.


This is not a joke…
Give me the quick update on you.
Better yet… will you please tell me your high and low since March?

I am eagerly anticipating your comments!
Did I mention that I miss you???

It’s a little lonely over here in this new land… help a sister out, will ya?

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3 thoughts on “Things Were A Little Shaky There For A While, But We Are Still Here

  1. Bestie’s back, back again!!! I missed this! I know why you had to be silent, and i applaude you for it, but I also know I’m not the only one who missed your sense of humor, thoughts on God and parenting and insites on whats happening in this crazy world! I love all things christensprattdotcom ?

    High and Low since March huh? Hmmmm….

    Well 2 big lows stick out…I’ve had a rough go of it trying to figure out life without driving into your valley all the time. All of our face to face time was ripped away and I became lost. My trip to paradise was just what I needed to know our friendship will last forever. You know all this and more but it was definitely harder then I thought it would be. You’re my first friend who has made the effort to still be my friend after separation…and I’m honored and touched and so grateful. I love you!
    Second low…my husband’s business has gone thru some major changes. They lost a partner and a friend. I lost a friend too in his wife. When someones bad decisions catch up it gets ugly. I know they are better off and the business will survive and thrive, but it’s been a huge stress on my husband, marriage and family and I’m looking forward to the future and what God has for them.

    Highs…i made it thru the “witching months” of the end of school!!! Can i get a hallelujah???!!!
    I somehow have a 2nd grader, middle schooler and a freshman and SENIOR!!! WHAT??!!! Enjoy every moment Mama’s, a mantra I’m desperately holding onto these days! The senior talks about moving out on a daily basis…where did i go wrong?! But that leads to my second high, because of my husband’s business stresses and long hours and my Bestie following her dreams to Cali, I was oh so lonely, and found myself just plopping myself on said senior daughters bed, staring at her…she eventually starting talking to me!!!! I must have done something right!!!! And we are closer then ever before…i think we have actually turned the corner to “friends”! As her mama, it’s a constant balancing act for me to keep the lines of communication, direction and guidance open as well as being her friend as we navigate a new phase in her life. But i think this is where i actually did something right, i have always been big on teaching and sometimes demanding respect from my children. And that means I respect them and their voices too. You know the old saying, “You have to give respect in order to earn respect”, so true in the teenage years. They believe in there voice, and all the new things they are learning about themselves and life and if you aren’t respectful of those thoughts and feelings you will loose them. Us adults know a secret of course, how much they still need to learn, but mutual respect between her and I has been the key to unlocking a friendship between us that I know will last a lifetime. And I’m so grateful and blessed for that.

    Well I guess this little time of reflection has been good for me too. The last few months have been so hard without you 17 minutes by car away, but I know God has us both in the palm of his hand. He has big plans for both our families!

    Again, I’m so excited you’re back online!! And missed this so much!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I’ve missed your insight and real life sharing Christen….glad you are back and thankful for your sharing your heart. we want to see you all MORE!! Especially now that you are back in California!!! Hang in there girl…you are doing a GREAT job…hugs from Orange County and the Nelson nuthouse!!

  3. I have missed you sharing. You always give up uplift and I need it all the time. For a 70 year old I am too busy and trying to cut where I can cut but church and family are not the right place to cut. That makes for long late nights. At least I am in love with the Minnesota TWINS and they are keeping me going as I try to accomplish projects late at night. God Bless all of you and may your journey continue in the upward swing.