They might be 1 of 4, but to them I am 1 and only

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  I don’t know about you… but I have a house full! I have 4 kiddos under my roof that require all sorts of needs. Some of those needs are more obvious than others and some are all but invisible. It hit me the other day that although, each child is one of four little people that I tend to… I am their one and only momma. Wow. So simple, yet so big…so special, so deep, and so…scary.

Throughout my day I am constantly taking a head count. How many breakfasts…1-2-3-4, how many cups…1-2-3-4, how many in the car…1-2-3-4, etc.

But when my kids are looking for me… they are looking for 1. 1 momma to help, 1 momma to kiss it all better, 1 momma to fix it, and 1 momma to hold.

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This concept struck me. Hard. I mean that seems like a lot of responsibility. As their one and only… I don’t want to let them down. I always want to be there when they call for me. I want to fulfill their sweet little needs.  After all… this is what I have dedicated this season of my life to doing, right?

But I can’t. I can’t even come close. I fall short each and every day. I don’t aim to fall short…but I am human. These are not things that I am proud of but… Sometimes I can’t hold just one baby and have to squeeze a couple on my lap or one on each hip.  Sometimes I smile and nod, pretending to pay attention while I pound away at the key board. Sometimes I look at Facebook during practice and miss that awesome catch he tells me all about when he gets back in the car. I fail, everyday. I fall short, everyday.


But the truth is… they can’t seek all their needs to be filled by any earthly being. It must be from their creator in Heaven.

The One.

The One who knew and loved them before me.

The One that loves them more than I would ever be able.

The One who will never let them down.

Big families have their struggles just as any other family of any other size would. But in a big family I don’t ever want any of my littles to feel lost in the shuffle. I want each one of them to know how very special they are to me and to their Creator. This is something we strive for, we work on, and we talk about as a family.

They are exactly who God created them to be.

They are beautiful.

They are precious.

They are valuable.

And they belong to Him.


So as I look into those four precious faces and those eight twinkling eyes, I can’t help but to see my God in them. He is enough for me. He is enough for them. And only through Him will I ever be able to do this mothering thing to my best ability.

all 4

I have the privilege of God using me in their lives. Each day I get to be the earthly hands and feet of God for my/His littles. I get to hold them, love them, squeeze them, and tuck them in at night. I am their one. I am their only Momma.

Thank you, Lord for trusting me with such dear gifts.

{The first and second photo in this post as well as my headshot were all taken a few years ago (pre MG) by the very talented Lindsay from Key and Heart Photography. You can find more of her work here.}

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  1. Christen, your words and heart are so beautiful! I love reading what is true in your lives and love and appreciate your transparency!! You are such an inspiration to us other mamas and just women in general. This one brought tears to my eyes ❤️ much love and THANK YOU for sharing!

  2. Beautifully said! I was just wondering last night what my kids will remember of their childhood…i hope it’s all the good stuff! …and not much else 🙂

  3. This brought tears to my eyes! Needed to read this this morning. …. now we’re running late to school because of it, but still. You’re killing it, love!