8 Stages of Mothering at Disneyland

Mothering Is A Ride Unto Itself At The Magic Kingdom

While at Disneyland this past weekend I found myself morphing from one sort of mother to another. I am not sure how/why it happened… maybe it was all that Disney magic?

Fellow moms be warned… this is how it goes.

FullSizeRender 21. The Prepared Mother
She rode that emotional roller coaster all week in preparation for just a lovely adventure. She gathered supplies, prepared lists, and did research like her life depended upon it.

Ponchos, check.
Advil, hand sanitizer, and bandaids… check.
Disney app for the phone, check.
Snack and movies for the plane, check.
Homemade matching t-shirts
(didn’t tell Shane until it was too late), check!

Basically, to any observer… she spent the 5 days before the trip running around like wild banshee. Her plan could not be understand from the outside world, only that crazy little world in her head.

2. The Frazzled Mother
All that preparation would make you think that the morning before Disney would be smooth sailing, right?
(We have 4 kids, there are not enough lists in the world to adequately prepare for the things those unpredictable hooligans might come up with, nothing is ever smooth sailing!)

Frazzled mom will be up at the crack of dawn, pull sleeping babes from their slumber, stuff them in their cooprincess-merida-curly-hairrdinating attire (of course all the children are thrilled to wear matching shirts and there will be no argument, PSH!), shove food in their face, and hurry out the door.
(all in the name of fun, remember!)

The car will already have been loaded.
(there was a list for that too.)

She will handle the parking jungle/structure like a boss and load the stroller.
(Again, another check list.)

She thinks to herself, “Bring it Magic Kingdom, I am ready for you!”

3. The Euphoric Mother
a.k.a. Drunk on Disney Mother

As she enters gates of the magic kingdom she thinks to herself…
“This is going to be the best day ever! We even have matching shirts!”

The rides, the parades, the joy and laughter!
What could wrong?
(She’s practically prepared for armageddon)

4. The “Back To Reality” Mother
It really doesn’t take long to realize this is just another day in the life of a mom…

But now it’s just insanely more inconvenient to master potty training/change a diaper, give the baby a nap, etc.

5. The Nostalgic Mother
For just a moment while the realities are at bay;
she gets that glimpse,
she sees that twinkle in their eyes.

They won’t be this amazed the next time.
They are growing up too fast!

[She is abruptly removed from her sweet day dream by 4 little terrifying words from a toddler… “I need to poop.” Back to Reality Motherff7fb5ed7ebf263807154954f60cdce0]

6. The Frantic Mother
She realizes…
“The day is already half over and we have so much more to do.
How are we going to cover it all?
Did we get a picture on the tea cups? what about dumbo… did anyone take a picture??”

She busts out the camera and starts snapping away… everything must be documented!

Then she quickly divides the troops and sends them out on their age appropriate missions with designated adults.


[Oh wait, they are hungry again… Back To Reality Mother.]

7. The Wearied Mother
It was a fun day and she fought the good fight. Now she is done, or at least she would like to be.
She is carrying limp people and pushintiana_tiredg a stroller with flattened tires. She smells of popcorn, she is sticky from cotton candy fingers, and has all but buried the dead dreams of a perfect day.

The darkness has her longing for a shower, clean clothes, and a warm bed. Unfortunately, the walk to the car is always so much further than the original walk into the park.
8. The Grateful Mother
This is the eighth and final version of mother…
she lays her head down on her pillow and recaps the day’s activities she can’t help but let her inner gangster come out…today-was-a-2mkomu

She might be exhausted, she might have lost it a time or two, but she knows she and her family are so very blessed. Blessed to have such a great day, blessed to have family to help, and blessed to be chosen as the mama for these little people.

The joy in their eyes and plastered on their faces was worth it all.

Then she lays her head on the pillow and hums herself to sleep to the tune of its a small world.

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One thought on “8 Stages of Mothering at Disneyland

  1. The best description of those days when you hope it goes perfectly, then somewhere in the middle it doesn’t, and then you end up feeling exhausted but glad you made the effort! And I agree…the twinkle in their eyes makes it all worth it! 🙂