Summer Balance Got Me Like… Yes! No! Whoa! AHHHH!

When you think about it, summer is a funny thing.
It’s like, one day someone said, “I have an idea! Let’s throw everything out the window.
All those routines and schedules… forget they even existed! Let’s shut down the schools, wrap up the extracurricular activities, and just live on the wild side.”

All the while, the kids cheered and the moms gasped and braced for impact.
Visions of their sugar plums playing on the beach danced in their heads and those dreams would be abruptly interrupted by the screeching and clawing of children fighting and then another joyful clip of crafts at the kitchen table and then the torture of glitter… everywhere.

Well, at least that how it feels around here.

And this morning over coffee I chuckled a little.
Try thinking of summer on a scale… not the evil kind that lives in your bathroom under all your dirty laundry, more like the cute vintage ones that were once used in kitchens. (maybe they still are?) Or like the scales of justice? Nah, let’s stick with kitchen… weighing flour just seems gentler and more appropriate.

Regardless, this summer I feel like I am constantly striving to find the balance between;

reading and binge watching
eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and having ice cream for dinner
playing a board game and folding laundry
having a playdate and family time
night swim and tired/whiny children the next day
sugar drinks and milk
going on an adventure and having a home day
routine and chaos
snuggles and “stop touching me’s”
childhood memories and childhood traumas that will be told on a therapists couch
staying up late and crabbiness
soaking up the sun and using all forms of protection known to man kind to prevent overexposure
wanting the beach body and trying to force 4 kids to go to the gym
encouraging bravery and trying to avoid the hospital
forced family fun and sanity
anxiously looking forward to them going back and desperately wanting it all to slow down

Parenting and well… life, they are just like this though, aren’t they?
Bracing for impact and dreaming of my sugar plums,

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