FaKebook Friday — #SprattsAreOnTheMove

For those of you who are just joining in the #FaKebookFriday madness, here is my definition of this phenomena:

FaKebook Friday (noun)

  • the situation or circumstance in which life looks perfect on social media and yet, it’s all a big fat FAKE.
  • FaKebook Friday is an attempt to uncover and peel back the thick social media layer and comically reveal the “real” behind the post.
  • FaKebook Friday is also intended to relieve the pressures placed upon ourselves while comparing our own bloopers to our “friends” highlight reel.
    (Basically, I make a fool of myself… you are welcome.)






Awe… so sweet.
Look at all those great dates we keep going on.
Look at us crushing that #ColoradoBucketList.
Most of all, look at us having so much fun amongst all the chaos.
We must really have it ALL together.

[Real Life Version]




Ok, fine… not completely. We went on some dates, we went on a few adventures, it was fun and we are checking things off our bucket list… But the #RealLifeVersion is that this season is super hard, super stressful, and sometimes it brings out our stuff.

The real/honest/raw truth of it all… we have a thing.
Like, an ugly thing.
Like an ugly stinky thing that is living in our marital closet and amongst all the chaos it keeps poking it’s head out.
The truth of the matter is… it’s the “thing” in our marriage and if we are being honest, every marriage has it’s thing.
It seems like the more pressure that is applied the bigger, uglier and stinkier the thing gets.

It really doesn’t matter what our thing is or what your thing is.
The point for today is to remember life is not nearly as perfect as Facebook might make it seem.

We are just over here working through our thing like everyone else and trying to keep all the balls in the air.


Marriage is [a lot] of work.
It’s actually the hardest thing I have ever done.
But, as we walk through these seasons together, it is so beautiful to stand on the other side of the things and admire the mountains we have climbed together.

Marriage… it’s hard, sometimes it’s ugly, and usually it’s messy… but last week, when a teeny bopper in the seat next to me on the plane asked what my secret to marriage was (as if I flipping know???)… my biggest piece of marital advice [surprisingly] came to mind so simply…
In marriage you are going to fight and you are not always going to see eye to eye… but it is important to make sure you marry the one worth fighting for.
[not too shabby, right?].

Basically, we have a thing, you have a thing, (if we are being really honest and that’s sorta the way we do things around here) we all have at least one thing.

In premarital counseling, Shane and I were taught and coached to have open communication [thank you Candace] and it has been our lifeline. We talk about the thing even when we don’t want to. We call the thing out so that it cannot continue to grow in the dark damp closet and we take the power away from the thing when we bring it to the surface.


The best thing we learned and have practiced… grace.
Have grace for your spouse.
Have grace for yourself.
Have grace for your marriage.

When in doubt… just have grace.

So there you have it… We have been on a lot of dates/adventures and we have had a lot of fun.
We are crossing things off the bucket list and it’s been great.
We are okay and our marriage will be okay awesome, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on our thing.

Can you relate?
I really hope didn’t just (vaguely) pour out my guts for no reason.

~The World’s Okayest Mom/Wife


I dare you to debunk one of your own posts and hashtag it #FaKebookFriday or #FBF




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3 thoughts on “FaKebook Friday — #SprattsAreOnTheMove

  1. Hi Christen, I absolutely love your blogs. Thanks for keeping it real.
    And yes you are right, we all have our thing – communication is key. I wasn’t sure exactly what you meant by “grace” so I googled it – and the long or short of it is RESPECT, which I absolutely agree with, and it all starts with respecting yourself – if you can’t respect yourself, how can you possibly respect others….your husband…your marriage.
    I have recently heard from a friend who is going thru a really tough time in her marriage – whilst listening and advising her, it also made me realize how truly BLESSED I am. God is good ALL the time.
    Take care Christen, and keep doing what you do.

  2. So good. Moving your family is not for the faint of heart. We are barely on the other side of it, and yes, it pushes all the buttons. Stay strong. It is a season.

    I love your real and raw invitation to live the life we are really in. A big high five to leave the rat race pretending behind.