Spratts Are On The Move!

Riddle me this…
What could possibly make life more crazy than it already is with 4 kids and a puppy?
I will give you a clue: It starts with an “M” and ends with an “oving”

MOVING! You got it!

Since we moved to Colorado 3 years ago people have always asked us if we would go back to California. My answer has always been that “I never thought God would pluck me out of my safe, little, hometown in the first place, so when/if he plucked me from Denver… I would be ready.”

Welp, I am not quite sure about the “ready” portion (I have quite the bucket list), but…
The paperwork has been signed and it’s official;

We Are Going, Going, Back, Back, to CALI!!!!
(I sure hope my loyal readers are familiar with the 90’s gangster rap reference.)

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any crazier… now we will be adding an out of state move.
Bring on the chaos and the wine… we will definitely need a little vino.

There are so many unknowns but here are a few things we have figured out.

  1. Shane will start work in Rancho Bernardo mid October.
  2. The house is going on the market ASAP.
  3. I hate cleaning out closets.
  4. We have accumulated so much crap many treasures in 3 years.

Now we need to work out the details of

  1. Where we are going to live?
  2. Where will the kids will go to school?
  3. How many days a week can we eat street tacos?
  4. What the heck am I going to do with all this snow gear?

Ok, seriously… there is still much to be figured out but we are learning to trust and surrender. It was through tear-filled eyes that we have shared the news to our friends and family here. God has really blessed us with some forever friends and for that, I am so very grateful. I am also grateful to be closer to old friends and Cali family… man, we have missed you guys.

So here goes nuthin’. We are starting a new chapter, in a new city, in an old state. Change is uncomfortable and growing pains hurt, but I am excited to see where life takes us.

I will now shamelessly start asking for the favors:

  1. It is the crazy list of unknowns that keep me up at night. You could just be praying for that, ok? Thanks.
  2. If you have any moving tips… don’t be selfish, share them with me!
  3. If you are familiar with North San Diego County… tell me all the things you love and all the things you hate. (Don’t say traffic. That’s a given and much like saying water is wet. Noted.)  We are specifically trying to narrow down a neighborhood.
  4. If you are one of my Colorado peeps… I need a complete Colo bucket list. I want to make sure we have hit all the highlights! It would be even better if you’d like to join us for an adventure!
  5. Peace, Joy, and Sleep… can you keep us in your prayers? As excited as we are, it is still A LOT to move 1,000 miles with the pack. I am trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for my people and Dragon Mama can have no part in that.

I will try to keep you posted on the move… I am assuming it will provide some great material.

Until next time,
~ The World’s Okayest Mom



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3 thoughts on “Spratts Are On The Move!

  1. As you know, I am utterly devasted that the very best Bestie in my whole life is moving away, but I am ecstatic that you will be closer to your family! Your family is something very very special! I have witnessed it’s “never be broken” unity, compassion for others, fierce love for each other and love for Jesus. I instantly felt “at home” when I walked into your parents house in Cali, and they made me feel apart of your family for life! I experience such love and healing while being there, as you know 🙂
    You and your home have been my safe place, as God placed us in each others lives for a specific reason, I know he has special plans for our friendship in the future as well. I will miss mostly all the little things that have become “ours”…
    I will also miss the Sprattpack kids very much! They are beautiful, unique, smart, adventurous, fun loving bunch! Keep those pics coming! 🙂
    I could go on and on obviously 🙂 But I am very much look forward to visiting San Diego soon!
    PS. Count me in on a couple Colorado adventures for sure!