Spratts Are On The Move — Update

It is has been over a month since I told you about our big/upcoming move…  it seemed like time to give an update.   8afc847c3db7edd0d2c82cd9a3ac9478l-m13r

Here is the latest on Operation #SprattsAreOnTheMove…

  • The house went on the market almost 3 weeks ago.
    • we have had a TON of showings
    • lots of positive feedback
    • some not so positive (whatever, haters gonna hate)
    • we had a stellar open house (epic, basically)
    • we have a several nibbles and a few good bites
      • Pretty much, we are still on the market but it is looking very promising.
        • I think I will have an exciting update for you in a few days!!

8afc847c3db7edd0d2c82cd9a3ac9478l-m8rShane has officially started his job in Cali

  • He will be commuting (over 1,000 miles) home every weekend until we join him there.
  • He loves the new job and the intense pace.
  • He misses his family like something fierce. Thank goodness for FaceTime!

8afc847c3db7edd0d2c82cd9a3ac9478l-m29rThe home front has been a bit challenging

  • Day one on my own, included 4 sporadic showings that trickled in all day long, (in short… it sucked).
  • This week has been FULL; we have had therapy appointments, parent/teacher conferences, football practices, birthday parties and radio talk shows (essentially it’s been the “norm” for our family but it seems like an extra lot right now).
    • Shane took off 3 weeks before he started his new job and it was so good. He picked up kids, dropped off kids, and did life with me. (basically he spoiled me rotten just in time to leave!)
  • My mother-in-law lives here in Colorado and has been a Godsend, just helping in all the ways possible. My folks are literally en route to come help for a couple of weeks with all the chaos moving makes.
    • I am so grateful for all the love and support of our family and friends.


For now we are just in this strange holding place. A place where we have to be polished and dusted at all times, yet we can’t really move forward. We are in a place of looking to the future but still living in a our present.
It is sort of a tricky dance.

I will be sure to give you another update when we have one! In the meantime, I need to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who has checked in on us.

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2 thoughts on “Spratts Are On The Move — Update

  1. Such a beautiful home. I know soon God will lead the right people to your doorstep. Love you and enjoy your blog, especially the pictures of your “pack”

  2. I marvel at your God-given super-powers to keep all these balls in the air! Extra prayers for you & your pack…help is on the way!