Saying “Yes” This Summer

I am just so stinking excited to get the next couple of months to spend with my kids.
(Yes, I know come August I will be eating those words, but for now… bliss.)

I see the years flying by and I don’t want to feel like I missed them while I was making sure the dishwasher got unloaded.

All school year long I have to be Drill Sergeant Mommy…

Brush your teeth!
Do your homework!
Make your bed!
Three more bites!
Drop and give me 20!!

Ok, maybe not on the last one… but sometimes it feels like all I do is bark orders for 10 months out of the year and this summer I am changing things up a bit.

Don’t worry I am not going soft. The sweet cherubs will still have to brush their pearly whites, make their beds, and finish their dinner buuuuut…

What if I said “yes” a little more?

What if I said “yes” to a little more TV? a extra movie?
What if I said “yes” to an afternoon dessert?
What if I said “yes” to more adventures? more imagination? more board games?
What if I said “yes” to fun?

What would our summer look like if I just said “yes” a little more?

Well, it might look like brain rot.
It could definitely look like chaos at times.
It might even look like messy and sticky.
(If Shane is reading this… at this point he is in a full sweat. Don’t worry babe, I will have it all mostly sorta cleaned up before you get home. But the kids will be happy!)

Most importantly, our summer will also look like fun, giggles, bonding and adventure.


This concept came to me a few weeks ago and so far I have already said a few “yes’s.”
I said “yes” to jumping off a rope swing and splashing into the lake. Let me tell you… it felt soooo good!
Then there was that late night scrabble game on the back deck… it ended up as the highlight of our weekend.
I also said “yes” to a game of horse. I can’t remember the last time I dribbled a basketball (and my performance reflected that statement) but there was joy, laughter, and a memory made.
And when the boys begged me to take them to the ocean one last time before our early morning departure… I said yes! unnamed-9

They weren’t hard things.
They weren’t costly things.
But I said “yes” and I am so glad I did.

This summer I am going to continue to say “yes.”

Would you like to join me? I am even going to start hash tagging all these crazy “yes’s” with #SayingYesThisSummer.

Let’s connect with one another, encourage one another, and have a little fun with these munchkins before they fly the nest.


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3 thoughts on “Saying “Yes” This Summer

  1. I love it when you say “yes”. Looking forward to seeing you in July with those four precious kiddos. Your a great MOM and I love you.

  2. I love this! I grew up with a lot of no’s, and although most are necessary it can feel very strict at times. As a child we have a hard time understanding those no’s until we become a parent ourselves. I agree, summers are for yesses!!! And I hope my kids remember those the most! 🙂

  3. Love this post. I just came back from two days of college orientation with my “baby” boy. The days can sometimes be very long but the years pass much too quickly. When you are looking back, you will never regret saying Yes.