Put Down Your Phone You Are Missing It

make sure we you not missing the moment in an attempt to capture it

Ok, I am super guilty of this one and I feel like it is extra applicable this time of year (at least for me… I can’t resist taking obscene amounts of wet baby/summer pictures).

There are just so many wonderful memories to be captured.

But I have to ask… are we missing the moment by trying to capture it on a tiny screen in hopes of revisiting it later?

This dawned on me last night while we were at the pool and I was trying to take pictures of my water sweet water babies.
(Yes, again… the pool is one of the few things you can do cheaply/freely with a big family and a 10-year age spread)

I was sitting on the side lines (Shane was there so this wasn’t necessarily a zone defense tactic) while the kids were playing, splashing, and laughing. It was adorable and I didn’t want to miss a thing so I sat back and took a ton of pictures.


I had the self restraint to not post them on Facebook or Instagram in the moment because let’s be real… you can’t usually make a post real quick. You crop the photo, add a filter, throw in some hashtags and possibly respond to a few comments… twenty minutes later and your real quick post is finally done.

But here’s the thing… I don’t have a great memory and becoming a mass producing baby factory sure didn’t help that matter. My great-grandma suffered greatly from Alzheimer’s Disease and I am terrified that I am going to forget.

I don’t want to forget the wrinkles on James nose when he makes his adorable/ornery/scrunchy face.


I don’t want to forget MaryGrace’s crazy/baby mullet hair


or the way her eyes light up while she is watching the men in her life make a ruckus at the pool.


I don’t want to forget the joy, laughter, giggles, and squeals.


So I try my best to capture them.

I overload my phone with them.

I cram them on to my computer. (I plan to turn them in to something… someday.)

I beg for a cheese face.

I ask them to freeze in the midst of their joyful moments.

And of course there is the begging, pleading, and bribing.


I am always so worried that I am going to miss the next cute thing that they do… so I stand on guard.
Phone in hand
Camera mode ready
Locked and loaded
Ready to capture

What’s it all for? So a bazillion pictures can store frozen in time on my computer?

Don’t get me wrong… I am not suggesting that we stop taking pictures all together (I am pretty sure my mother would disown me)… I am just merely suggesting that we make sure we are not missing the moment in an attempt to capture it.

I will still take pictures. In fact, I will probably continue to take too many.

But, in order to compensate for the capturing… I am also going to be doing a lot more engaging!

Will I miss some great pictures because I am in the pool, in the water fight, without a phone in my hand… ya, probably.


I want to take a few photos to remind me of the sweet evenings we ate dinner at the pool, or went on a walk, or whatever… But what I really want to remember is being there. (And since I am obviously not going to be in front of the camera…)

I want them to remember the momma that got in the pool and dominated in the water war.

I want them to remember the momma who made them feel like the center of her universe.

I want them to remember more than a brightly colored phone case always in their face.

I want them to remember me.



Put down the camera.

Go make a memory!


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One thought on “Put Down Your Phone You Are Missing It

  1. Christen,
    What a sweet and TRUE post! I’ve gone through that same process – from pictoholic to set-it-down-and-join-the-fun! It’s been a long time in recovery, though, and I still have to pull the reigns at times 🙂 I’m so glad I found you on #TitusTuesday! What a fun little place you have here. I’m going to head over to Facebook and Instagram so I can keep in touch!!
    Blessings and smiles,