When Diapers Are Your Boss


It seems like everything has a “world” these days…
Disney World
Jurassic World
World Cup
World of _______
And then of course you have the WWWs

Well, let me let you in on my world.

It is ruled and dictated by stinky, McNasty, hot, and steamy diapers.

I still have 2 kiddos in diapers and those diapers seem to rule my world. I joke about this often but it really is the truth.

I would love to say that I pray over each child as I sweetly clean them up or that I use this one on one time as a special bonding moment…

Well, we are bonding alright, and I guess you could call it special but really it’s just another pile of poo.

Honestly, at this season of life it is actually a huge accomplishment just to get that hot and steamy nugget all the way to the garage trash.

My world is ruled by poo. It is nothing like what I thought it would be, who I thought I would be, or where I thought I would be… It’s certainly a lot smellier and less glamorous, but where I am nonetheless.

If you need me, I’ll just be over here… changing another atrocious diaper.

[I wrote this over 2 years ago! I am not sure why two-years-ago Christen never shared it, but there it was, just sitting in the drafts box. It gave me a good chuckle but  I also felt a pang of panic. You see those double diaper duty days are gone, already. I really thought they were going to last forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. But just like that, POOF! They are over. We are diaper free and no longer ruled by the fecal gods. I truly have zero desire to go back to being a slave to Huggies, but at the same time it is a jarring reminder of how fast they are all growing up. It’s super cliche, I know… but it’s my heart and my prerogative.]

Happy Baby Friday!

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One thought on “When Diapers Are Your Boss

  1. I hadn’t read this one before but knew it wasn’t the current situation. Never experienced two kids in diapers at once but diapers are back on the scene with Anthony around. Does that count?? Great article! Kisses & hugs for all!