Please Don’t Use Your Boobilicious Body To Sell My Boys Your Crap

We haven’t had cable in our home for years and there are several reasons for this.

1) We are cheap — When we were working hard to get out of debt it was something that was easy for us to cut and we have never put it back in the budget.

(Now we use an indoor HD antenna and I can’t recall turning on the TV for anything other than sports since we moved here. In all fairness, we also have Netflix and look shows up online at times.)

2) One of our kids has an insatiable appetite for TV. It seemed like one show was never enough and it always lead to a battle of “one more, please!”

3) The Commercials! I would cringe every time the commercials were coming on. They seemed to create this lack of contentment, a desire for more, and the kids were constantly asking for the newest/greatest thing. (One time as I was cleaning the bathroom and was  told I needed to buy the magic scrubbing bubbles because they do all the work for you. Well played, advertisers, well played.)

As the boys have gotten older I have realized I have even more of an issue with commercials…The boobs!

As we watched football this season I felt these commercials smacking me in the face. Usually with their long tan legs, unrealistic outfits/shoes, and lots and lots of boobs.

(I am going to give a disclaimer right here: If you have big and/or fake boobs… more power to you. In fact this dilapidated baby factory body might even have a twitch of jealousy toward you… But please don’t try to sell my 10-year-old hamburgers with them.)

I feel like this is such a fragile season in their boyhood. We have been trying to raise gentlemen that will appreciate and respect women. But, Good Golly! This seems like such an uphill battle these days.

What happened to the good ol’ days when the Super Bowl commercials were clever, unique, and witty? It seems like M&M’s even have to be sexy these days.

Why do they feel the need to display women in such provocative ways to sell their burgers, cable, and other crap?

This momma doesn’t look like any of those long legged, high heel wearing, boobilicious women on the screen and chances are… my future daughter-in-laws won’t either. I want to make sure the men in this house can appreciate true beauty.

I stumbled across this video on Facebook the other day.

So…This year over wings, dip, and cheering little boys… (And since I can no longer use the art of distraction)…I will be asking them “What do you think they were trying to sell in that commercial?” “Who was the target audience?”

And most of all… We will just keep the focus on the game. It’s called Superbowl Sunday… Not Hamburger Booby Sunday.

I am not going to hide my head in the sand… we are going to face this head on!

Here’s to tough conversations and awkward silence…Wish me luck, will ya? I’m going in!

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0 thoughts on “Please Don’t Use Your Boobilicious Body To Sell My Boys Your Crap

  1. ah Christen, it is always THE battle- had to have certain discussions with an embarrassed kelsey and Joey during Clinton’s peccadillo… keep it up, you’re doing fine

  2. Good for you Christen! I am a grandma/gr.grandma and I am not pleased with the way TV has gone. In my kids day it was all good and fun and you were not afraid to let your kids watch. Please keep up the good work you are doing with your kids, and let me tell you, you are beautiful inside and out, you could sell hamburgers and fries just being you. God bless you and keep on going in.

  3. My boys are at the giggling stage when they see something awkward on T.V. Growing up, those commercials were ignored with awkward silences…sometimes now I get embarrassed too. Why do they think it’s appropriate to show and say certain things during a sports event? My kids usually make jokes about them now…i don’t want them to be afraid to say certain words. And it has created dialog is some cases…
    I’m challenged to make those commercials more of a learning lesson!
    Good post!!!