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Hi! I am Christen. It seemed only proper to introduce myself and tell you a bit about the person behind the words…

During Christmas break of 2007/2008 a guy named Shane Spratt (henceforth referred to as Mr. Awesome) walked into the Country Club where I tended bar to get through college. He was the grandson of one of my most faithful customers. Grandpa Ray (the faithful customer) had insisted that I meet his grandson. I really did think much of it as many of the older customers were known for trying to set us youngins up with their kin.

However, when Shane walked in I realized maybe I should have taken Grandpa Ray a bit more seriously and maybe, I don’t know, prepared myself a little better. I was obviously off my game (not that I really had any at all) and was later told that I was “cold as ice.”

Queen Elsa or not… things fell into place and the following May Mr. Awesome proposed to, not only me, but also my son. Literally down on one knee with a diamond ring for me and a ring pop for Payton.

You see, I was a package deal.
Back it up to 2004… I graduated high school 7 months pregnant and had my first son at age 18. I was struggling my way through college and motherhood. By the grace of God and the support of an incredible family, I was making it. I graduated college and Payton graduated from kindergarten, kinda cute, isn’t it?

Later that very same year, on a beautiful fall afternoon in October, Shane vowed to love and cherish me and that adorable little 4 year old boy. In 2015 he was finally able to legally able to adopt Payton. Glory!

Fast forward to present day, we have added another 3 munchkins to the brood… 2 more boys and a girl. Bringing us to a full 6 pack. Each of our kids has their own wonderful attributes and struggles. They are all completely normal and extraordinary at the same time. We are a blended family, our baby girl was diagnosed with epilepsy in early 2015, we have kiddos with special needs, and I am fairly certain that one of our boys might be related to the Hulk… or maybe Smeagol.

We currently live in Denver, Colorado. We have been here for over three years but we are transitioning back to California. Although I was raised in California, it was a very small town (think Sweet Home Alabama without the South)… this time we will be in sunny San Diego.

In the past 12 years I have learned a lot. But this mothering and wife-ing thing is something I don’t believe can ever be truly mastered. In fact, as soon as you think you might have it the least bit figured out… BAM they go and change on you, right?

I was ashamed of being a teen pregnancy and a single mom so when I had the opportunity to do it “right” I went full speed ahead. Honestly, I wasted so much time trying to make it look pretty and act like I had it all figured out.  The truth is… none of us do. Some of us are just better at faking it than others.

I call myself a recovering “perfect wife/mom” for a reason. I work hard to be honest with myself and my expectations. I work hard to focus on the things that actually matter and not just the things that will make me look good. I find it so encouraging and empowering when I see other women being true to themselves, their families and their capacities.

Thus, this blog was born. This blog is our story, being written from the trenches. It is meant to inspire and encourage you. It is meant to be authentic and safe. It is meant to be a place of me too, not how to.

We are the Spratts.
We are not perfect.
We do not have it all figured out.
But we love Jesus, love each other, and we are trying hard to do our best.

I hope you can sit back and enjoy this beautifully hot mess I call the Spratt Pack. I will do my best to keep it real for ya but to also keep the cringe factor low.

Welcome. I am so grateful you are here.



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