Our Christmas Letter To You

All Things Spratt-tacular In 2016


This year started out ordinary and has ended up being any thing but that.

We were just chugging along and BAM decided to move back to California. Truthfully, the decision to move was one we wrestled with for months. We really love our life here in Colorado but always felt California was home.

When the opportunity of Goin, Goin, Back, Back to Cali, Cali presented itself this summer we decided it would be best for our family to make this transition while the kids are young.

Fast forward a few months and here we are.
The house is on the market and things are headed in a westward direction.

Aside from the decision to move, 2016 was good for us.
We seem to have settled into a big family groove. The chaos of us is still the same, but somehow it feels a bit more controlled. Our car is still filled to the brim with carseats, we still can’t leave the house without a back up diaper, and our schedule is still dictated by naps, but somehow it all just feels a bit more natural than it ever did before.

Here Are The Sprattastic Highlights For The Year…

Shane is working at Northrop Grumman… in California. Quite the commute, right? He started out there in October and is eagerly waiting for the rest of us to join him. He is still loving his road bike and completed quite a few races this year. When he is not at work or on the bike you can find him hanging with the pack.

Payton celebrated his 12th birthday this summer… he is officially a tween and a middle schooler. He is our natural athlete and this year he played football and lacrosse. He is still a loyal Bronco fan (not sure how well that will go in Charger land, stay tuned). This year he started youth group, was baptized, got his own room, became a proud and official dog owner/walker and is thrilled to get to ride in the front seat. He is a great leader of our pack and is becoming a fine young man.

Brady turned 7 in October and is as vivacious as ever. He is compassionate, witty, and can sure fill a room. He hates wearing socks, can’t stand being alone (like ever… the shower is practically torture), he loves snuggles, and is so funny that he often has our whole family in stitches. He is in 1st grade and enjoys reading. This year he lost his first tooth, fell in love with a gal named Rosie (our golden retriever), and discovered a love for snorkeling. Momming this kid is nothing short of an adventure. He keeps life and this family spicy!

James is 4 and full of beans! This is his second year of preschool and he has really come a long way! Right before our very eyes he has matured from a toddler to a little boy and also stepped into his role of big brother… he loves bossing and protecting his baby sister. He loves play-doh, bath time, Cars, Planes, Paw Patrol and still has a tendency to fall asleep in the most random places. His is full of boy energy, can’t “walk” anywhere, and is always down for a basement Nerf battle with the Spratt men.

MaryGrace is 3 and started preschool last month! (What the what? When did that happen?) She is a bit of a fiery one… When she is happy, she’s happy and when she’s not, she’s not. You never have to wonder with her. She wears ball gowns every where she goes, she’s obsessed with anything that sparkles, and loves horses. She is spunky and keeps the boys on their toes. Even in her best ball gown, she keeps up with them. She is the perfect combination of feminine yet tough.

Marilyn is officially back in Tennessee. When she got the news of our move she ditched us! (JK… sorta) Shortly after telling her about our decision she received a call from her former employer, they wanted her back. It was amazing timing and she off she went. She is working at New Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center and will resume classes in January. We miss her like crazy but trust she is where she is supposed to be.

As for me, I am still at home with the curtain climbers and I do this blog thing. Motherhood is so hard and so good. Each season has been eye opening, exhausting and yet so fulfilling. I am trying my darndest not to miss a thing and yet it still seems to be whizzing by. I spend the vast majority of my day in the car or feeding people and sometimes those two are simultaneous. I am eagerly anticipating the move, the next chapter, and for the house showings to be over!

We are still loud, messy, and a little crazy but we are trying our best to soak up this season we are in because we have learned that it will be quickly changing again.

As this year comes to a close we want to wish you the Merriest of Christmases.


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One thought on “Our Christmas Letter To You

  1. Still going one day at a time. It will all work out and I have no small children any more. Not even small grand children but I do remember doing all the things you are in the middle of. The rewards are overwhelming and life is so good. Blessings to you and your and Merry Christmas.