One Seasoned and Snarky Mom’s Rant on Halloween

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It’s officially October and much like you; I have Halloween on the brain. As a mother of 4 children; 3 boys and a girl, ranging in age from 13-3, here are a few thoughts judgements on Halloween 2017.

First, let’s address the trick-or-treaters age issues… Last week, this post came out and created a bit of a buzz on the old www. Since I have a teen, I would like to say how incredibly ridiculous I think this post/law is. Logistically, how are they even going to know the age of the kids? Card them? Put a bouncer at the end of each driveway? Lame. If a kid is bold enough to dress up and embrace their childhood, so be it! If you are worried about handing our candy to “over-aged” kids, turn off the porch light, turn on Hocus Pocus and keep to your cantankerous self.

Second, this article about sexy costumes for little girls? Uh, please no. Let’s not encourage our girls to “show off the goods” by wearing those super short shorts (seriously though, I have underwear that cover more). There is really no need to rush them through the innocent stages of life or to add “sexy” to any little girls wardrobe in general. While we are giving the side eye to the trampy costumes… let’s also put all things adult humor on the list; no need for drugs, politics, or offensive humor. Let’s save all that for college, when they can make their own poor choices.


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Happy Tuesday and Happy Halloween!

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