Motherhood can be so gosh darn lonely, can’t it?

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Motherhood can be so gosh darn lonely, can’t it?

The funny thing is… you are NEVER alone.

You don’t eat alone.

You don’t shop alone.

You don’t pee alone.

Someone is ALWAYS there!

But in certain circumstances, stages, and seasons… this can be a very lonely gig.

When we first moved to Colorado 2 years ago I was painfully lonely.
Literally so lonely that it inflicted pain. I remember praying to God for relationship and friends.

We moved in to our house on October 25th and then winter hit and did I mention that we had a baby one month after we moved in? CHAOS!
LONELY CHAOS, that is.

So the dark glum months of winter were upon me, with a sweet new baby girl and a house (that didn’t feel like my own) full of boys!

I quickly discovered Coloradans are all over the place when the weather is accommodating… but once the weather turns they are nowhere to be found!
(It’s like the mountains silently summon them for hiking things, shoeing things, skiing things, and boarding things.)

I was lonely, depressed, hormonal, and fearful.

I did my best to put myself out there.

I tried to make friends. But gosh, it is hard work!

I enrolled in MOPs, got a gym membership, Zoo membership, Children’s Museum membership, Nature and Science Museum membership, and joined the local parent group in my neighborhood.

When I say it is hardwork… can you, for just a second, think about how many layers people need in -7 degrees and then multiply that times 5, add 3 carseats, and 2 in diapers!!

I was desperate and God is good.

It took about 18 months to truly feel settled, plugged in, and like I belong.

During that trying season I spent some intense time with the Lord. (read… ugly cry)

I just came across an old journal and whew! I was a hot mess.

My marriage was a mess, my kids were a mess, I was a mess, and all the while we were trying to put our best face forward and get plugged in.

No wonder we were lonely… we were faking it!

All that to say… I know several of you have recently moved, had babies, became stay home moms, etc. I know how lonely it can be. I know the feeling of desperately trying to engage with a human who speaks in sentences as opposed to grunts.

I want you to know…

you can do this
it won’t feel like this forever
God works all things together for His good

Fast forward to today and here are some of the things that were birthed (I say birthed because it was literally that painful) out of that season…

a deeper more trusting relationship with the Lord
a deeper and healthier marriage
an irreplaceable bestie
amazing medical care options for unforeseen needs
and this little blog

The “alone” time nearly pushed me to my breaking point but I want you to know that you are not alone.
You are not the only one who feels alone, frustrated, unworthy, or like a hot mess.
I am here.
I get it and I wish we could talk about it over a hot beverage while sitting in my living room and letting the curtain climbers run amuck…

For now… I encourage you to be bold, put yourself out there, be real, and find your safe place in the Lord.
He has got your back and I am here cheering you on!

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3 thoughts on “Motherhood can be so gosh darn lonely, can’t it?

  1. Your post was authentically written and I felt buoyed up by it. I have walked in your shoes. They are tight and so uncomfortable. I was taken back to a earlier day. Thanks.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes remembering all my seasons of loneliness, fear, and feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of mothering. In many ways my early days in MOPS and the friendships formed there were life giving, but then, I too moved to Colorado without knowing a soul. I tried to get plugged in with MOPS here, but somehow I didn’t feel like I fit. I was burned by those friendships and left my group with nothing to fall back on. Years went by with no girlfriends to call, have fun with or tell my mommy stories too. It’s rough out there when you are surrounded with dirty diapers, leftover easy mac, and dust bunnies!
    I needed my Jesus to pick me up from my fuzzy slippers and put myself out there again…
    That effort helped me find the most amazing friend a girl could ask for! My Bestie! Life is more joyful, calmer, funny, and encouraging with her in it. I know she prays for me and my fam and I pray for hers. Her home has become a safe place for me to fall and be lifted up again by her encouraging words.
    My prayer for us mommas, is that we call on Jesus for help and allow him to lead us to the places and experiences where we feel most loved! 🙂