(MOM)entous Monday with Laura Crosby

A great story of adoption, answering the call of God, and obedience.

I know God called me to write this blog, share my story, and keep it real. But here is the problem… I have only had so many experiences and can only reach so many people with them. However, I am surrounded by moms/women that have such beautiful stories.  

I want to use this space to bless more women with the bravely shared stories of others. There is something so beautiful in knowing that you are not alone.

Today I am honored to introduce you to Laura Crosby. She is a wife, mother, and nurse. We met while our kids were in the same school back in California. Laura is a beautiful example of listening to the Lord and stepping out in faith. I love her and LOVE her story!

I’m so excited to share our story… as we promised God that we would use it to show others of His amazing goodness in our lives.
Thank you Christen for this honor!

I am still humbled that He chose me to be the wife of such an incredible, Godly man (of almost 28 years!) and the mother of five beautifully wonderful children. I have been blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined.


However, I ofter think, “Lord, why did you choose me?”, but then I realize it’s not really about me at all… it’s about Him.

The journey of raising these five precious children has been an absolute honor,  but has not been without its struggles and hardships. To be honest, there has been many a day that I have felt so under qualified and overwhelmed.  It is in those moments when I realize that God actually DOES give us more than we can handle, just so we can rely completely on Him for our strength.

Our children are almost all grown and are currently 21, 19, 17, 17 & 15 and they all claim Jesus as their Savior and King, for which we are so thankful! Our oldest son, Zachary (who was living out of state for college during the filming of the video below), married Kristen in May, 2014 and we are expecting our first grandchild (a girl) in November!!

Please enjoy our full story and 4-minute video that was developed by our church in 2013. Just click on the link below. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share our story. My prayer is that you will be blessed!

Thanks for joining me for (MOM)entous Monday. If you have a story you would like to share… Contact me! 

Let’s bless people with the story of our lives… it turns all that pain into purpose.

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  1. Thank you for your story of obedience, patience and God’s love for his children. God bless you and your beautiful family!