MOMentous Monday with Elisha Villanueva

Motherhood is hard, lonely and extremely challenging.

However, it is also one of the best gifts on the planet.
As moms we tend to try hide the struggles and frustrations. I am going to venture to say that weight is something we have all wrestled with at some point.
MOMentous Monday is an opportunity to realize you are not alone. 
My heart is for moms to never feel isolated in their struggles, but I only have so many of my own life experiences to share… so I have to call in some help. On MOMentous Monday’s I hand over the mic to other beautiful mama’s who have stories and experiences beyond my own. 
Today I am sharing this space with my beautiful friend Elisha. Her story sounds like an infomercial trying to sell you the next best gimmic, but it’s anything but that… She has worked hard and has an awesome story of transformation. Take it away, Elisha!

I Earned this Body

Hello beautiful Spratt readers. Christen a beautiful friend of mine and a beautiful mother who I look up to. I received her Christmas card a few years back and knew one day she would be blogging! Her voice is so strong when you read her words and she keeps it real right?!

I’m Elisha a 33 year old mother to three and a small business co-owner of www.Flex it I started this company to help inspire and support women in their health and wellness journeys. 

I grew up as an overweight child and grew into an even more over weight adult. After having my last son I was 220 lbs. 

My mission is to help as many women/mothers as possible to live a healthy lifestyle. I believe that women are the health leaders of the family and we can lead our families on a strong healthy path.

I have been the chubby girl my entire life!!! In high school I was a size 13. After having kids I was a size 18. When people see me now they judge me by my appearance now. “Oh you’ve always been thin you don’t know how hard it is to lose weight!” (People have actually said that to me.) When in fact never in my life have I ever bought a size 2 jeans until the age of 30.   

It’s so important not to compare your selves to others and I always tell people just that when in fact it is very hard thing for me to do. I have been comparing myself to others my whole life. Especially in high school and jr. high, when all my friends were skinny and they all could share clothes and borrow each others dresses and tops. 

Nope not me, I never had that, because I was always the bigger girl that didn’t fit in the same clothes as all my friends. That mentality of comparing myself to other girls never left my brain. I have to catch myself and remind myself what I am doing. I still compare myself to the other “skinny” moms, who are blessed with flat tummy’s when they walk out of labor and delivery. The only difference now is that it doesn’t make me sad. It gives me more motivation and inspiration to know that I can look like that, I just have to work harder at it. 

I can shape my body however I want to. I always had that power! I just never knew I did until NOW and the fact is that naturally skinny girls are lucky, but girls that have to fight to be fit are STRONG!!!  

I could keep going on and on about my emotions and feelings of being a fluffy girl in high school but we can save that for another day. I will say that I will always teach my children never to judge others based off their appearance, because one day that “skinny popular girl” in high school may just switch roles with that “fluffy girl” ha! That may or may not be a TRUE story!

I thank God every day for opening my eyes to the path I was leading my children down. He has helped me through the tough times. During my long runs there have been many prayers, running outside have been some of the closest I have ever felt to God, and I knew then that was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. 

Remember you deserve some time for you, to better you, so that you can better your family. That is not being selfish at all. Sometimes you have to wake up before the sun and your kids to get that time in but it’s worth it. 

So here is to you! Taking control of your body! You are telling it when to stop, when to run, when to push, and to keep digging deeper. Because you are a strong beautiful woman who works her ass off to be fit and healthy and only you can stop you. 

It’s been great Christen, thank you for letting me share some of my voice with your readers. Have a FITtastic MOMentous Motivational Monday!!!!


Elisha Villanueva


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