MOMentous Monday Video — Beauty From Ashes

A Transformed Life.

MOMentous Monday is a series of reader submissions. For these specific posts I turn the mic over to a fellow woman/momma and they share their personal story.

My heart in doing this is to bring greater compassion to the unique issues we each face, as well as diminishing the isolation we find while enduring our struggles. Momentous Monday may even give you the opportunity to glean some wisdom from the brave women who have already walked the path ahead of you. If you have a story you’d like to share, click here.

Today’s post is bravely shared by Kristilynn. She shared her story with our church body a few months ago and I was stunned. Our church motto is “Transformed Lives.” and she is nothing short of that. Kristilynn, thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful story of transformation.

(all video credit belongs to Mission Hills Church)


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