MaryGrace Update — 1 Month Down and 23 More To Go


Well, we are officially one month into the two-year journey and doing pretty well.
[If you are not quite sure what I am referring to… here is the original post.]

I am calling it a two-year journey because that is all I can wrap my brain around at this time.
It is a truly a lifetime journey… But I will deal with that later.

She is responding pretty well to the medication. The main side affect she is experiencing is agitation.

We are working through it and trying to find ways to pacify her but you know that witching hour between 4:30-6:30?
Well, ours is extra crazy these days.

Ten years in to this mom gig and I am still trying to figure out the best techniques to help with homework, make dinner, start baths, and now you can add… pacify the grumpy baby.
(I am thinking I might need a clone of myself?)

For example… I tried wearing her in the sling the other day… let’s just say that she wasn’t particularly fond of it.
However, she was fond of trying to get her hands in the bowl of ground beef I was mashing for hamburgers.
Whatever gets on her hands… goes into her mouth. Gross.

The other major side affect we are working through is tiredness.

Let’s just take a moment and add this all up, shall we?

18-month-old + agitation + tiredness = ___________
(It’s not pretty!)

18-month-olds are usually tired and agitated but we have an extra dose these days.

But… what’s the alternative?

The list of side affects is nothing short of terrifying.
If we are only experiencing agitation and tiredness… We are in good great shape.

Let me tell you a few things that I am grateful for…
I am grateful for modern medicine
I am grateful she is my fourth and I am older/more patient
I am grateful she is so young and almost always under my supervision
I am grateful for my support system
I am grateful for the way she is molding us into better/more loving/patient/compassionate people
I serve a God that is bigger than epilepsy and he loves MG more than I can imagine

Please continue to pray for my girl as we go in on Thursday for an MRI.
Since she is so young they have to completely sedate her.
She will be under for about an hour.
Shane is going to the hospital with me and my mom will be in town to help with the other munchkins.

Please pray for a smooth experience, peace, and strength.

One month down, 23 more to go!

Thank you for all the love and support.

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2 thoughts on “MaryGrace Update — 1 Month Down and 23 More To Go

  1. You got my consistent prayers. Love knowing I am in a group of brothers & sisters joining together to pray MG, you & family through this, whatever that ends up looking like. Our big, loving God has this!

  2. She is so cute and full of life. Know you all will come through this and be much stronger for it. Praying always for the Spratt family.