MaryGrace Update

Round 2 Month 5

I have had several people ask about my sweet girl and I am happy to report she is doing pretty well.

If you are not sure to what I am referring… you can catch yourself up in the MaryGrace tab in the Category section.

I am sorry I haven’t done an update in a while… in all honesty, sometimes I think I just like to bury my head in the sand and pretend like this isn’t happening.
Sorry… that’s not very real of me or is it?

But on a lighter note… we have made it to 5 MONTHS!!
I am so happy to report that this is the furthest we have made it so far! Woop, woop!

Let me first define pretty well

  • she has not had anymore seizures
  • her growth is steady
  • her physical abilities are progressing nicely (walking, stairs, and running)
  • her bouts of agitation seem to be lessening

However, there are a few new concerns

  • she had an overall evaluation done last week and she seems to be falling behind in more areas than previously discovered
  • her language has digressed and she is not using words that she was once able to articulate
  • her cognitive and small motor skills are not progressing along as they once were

Her issues are small now and you wouldn’t really notice these struggles if you were with her, but thanks to the team of therapists who keep an eye on her, we have noticed a change. We are not sure what is causing the delays but she is in good hands.

So, what does this change mean?
It probably means more therapy and it definitely means more prayer.

We have a meeting next week to figure out where to go from here. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Thank you for praying for MG and please continue. #PrayersForMaryGrace

I know she is being covered in prayer.
You have all been such a blessing and encouragement to me. The messages I receive, the posts I see shared, and genuine concern for my girl are so deeply appreciated.

From the bottom of my mama heart, I give you my deepest thanks.


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4 thoughts on “MaryGrace Update

  1. Always praying for all of you but especially for the most stinkin’ cute little package named Mary Grace! Her light shines brightly!! <3

  2. Im so happy your precioys baby is doing well. The speech will come back in time. We will be believing with you . And continue to lift your sweet MaryGrace in prayer. ❤