MaryGrace Update

Round 2 Month 3

Last month I poured my heavy heart out.
I was so very frustrated with the entire circumstance.
(2/3 vs 1/3… I still have to wrap my brains around the statistics.)

This month I can say… We are doing ok.

There was such a beautifully overwhelming response from all of you…
People reaching out, sharing their stories, sharing stories of their loved ones…

Thank you, I am truly grateful.


This month we have continued with the physical therapy.
Sometimes MG is sweet and responsive and sometimes she is not.

Due to the epilepsy, MaryGrace has low tone. Low tone means she feels wobbly, all the time, all over. Thus, it is much scarier for her to climb up and down stairs or stand on uneven ground.
(It truly just adds to the “I hang out with small drunk people all day” theory. If you missed that post… go read it now. You can thank me later. FYI… I wrote the post before my girl was stumbling around due to low tone… I am not an evil mother.)

Her therapist is fabulous and oh so patient. She is another beautiful example of someone using their God-given gifts and talents.

As grateful as I am for such a beautiful outpouring of love and support, I still can’t help to be a bit frustrated and worrisome over the situation.

As parents we want our kids to live healthy, happy, and productive lives… as I watch my sweet 2-year-old girl struggle to keep her balance on the grass… It frustrates me. I worry that it is a reflection of her future.

I know my God is big.
I know He loves her more than I do.
I also know He has a perfect plan for her.

When I am rocking her in the night, it is to those things I cling.

At that last visit the doctor also told me that I have to count any question of a seizure as a seizure…
Meaning if she wakes up crying in the night and just doesn’t seem right, I am to count that as a seizure.
If she is in the other room, but then starts acting like she does after a seizure… I am to count that as a seizure.

This can really cause a mama to lose her mind.
I do not want to be paranoid, I also do not want to miss something, but in all honesty… I do not want to reset the 2 year clock again either. (Please understand… I absolutely will if/when need be, it just pains me to do so.)

I am trying to find the balance…
I am trying to let my baby be a baby without becoming a helicopter mom.
I am trying not to assume that my strong willed child is only being naughty because of the meds.
I am trying to let my girl have an off day without always assuming something is wrong.


the struggle is real

So once again I will ask… will you please pray for my girl us?
I want her to have a healthy, happy future full of endless opportunities and I want to be a sane Mama with the utmost faith in the One who knows every hair on her head and every neurological connection in her brain.

Please pray.

Please share.

If the odds for your child were 2 out of 3… how many people would you ask to pray on your child’s behalf?
How many times would ask the creator of the universe to heal your child?
Will you do that for me?
For MaryGrace?

If you share this post, will you please hashtag it with #PrayersForMaryGrace? Someday I want to show her how very special she is and how many people are/were praying for her.

From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you.


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One thought on “MaryGrace Update

  1. Christen I can only imagine the worries you have…I wish I could tell you there is no need to worry that God has you in the palm of His hand…but I know as a mama…that is so very difficult to do. You are doing an amazing job and I thank you for so openly sharing your experiences with all of us. Hopes and prayers for you for a less stressful future. I love you!