MaryGrace Update

Round 2, Month 1

I have had so many of you ask about MaryGrace.


Thank you for your genuine concern for my baby girl and also for my family.

She is doing well.

Due to the recent seizures we had to up the meds and there was definitely an adjustment period.
She was super tired and agitated for the first week or so.

However, the side effects didn’t seem to hit her quite as hard or last quite as long as when she initially went on them.

There are still bouts of agitation that look more like the exorcist than a baby approaching 2 years old.
(I know 2-year-olds can be testy but trust me when I say there is a difference!)


The exciting news for the month would be…. SHE IS WALKING!
It’s not pretty, it’s not smooth, and it kinda resembles a drunk person stumbling around… but still, she is walking!


These are some fun pictures I took of her last week strutting her stuff.
(See what I did there? Strutting… like a peacock! Haha!)
She was trying out her Halloween costume for the giveaway. I don’t always dress her like a peacock… although it might be fun!

Please continue to keep her and our family in your prayers. As I have mentioned before… for the good, bad, and indifferent this is a family affair.  If you have time… take a second to read this post about how epilepsy is making us all better people. It was true a month ago and it is still true today.

God has blessed this family in so many ways and we will continue to keep our eyes upon Him through all of this.

Thank you all for your love and support.




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6 thoughts on “MaryGrace Update

  1. Christen – I am Kim’s cousin and I have a product that contains the king of herbs which the Chinese have been using in their I medicines for thousands of years. They refer to it as the miracle herb. For more information contact me at the following email address. Hoping to be of help. LaVon Wolter Ball

  2. Christen, I found your story on Facebook when searching epilepsy hash tags. My daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 3 weeks old. I was in tears reading your posts because everything is exactly how I have felt going through this journey. It sounds like MaryGrace is on Keppra. My Aspen was on Keppra at first too and it was a nightmare with the behavioral problems and screaming! We have since changed meds but I know there are a lot of blogs out there about Keppra! I’d love to swap stories with you! And thank you for sharing your story!