MaryGrace Update

2 Months Down and 22 To Go

It’s month two of the two-year journey and I am happy to report that MaryGrace is still seizure free!
[If you are not quite sure what I am referring to… here is the original post.]

In last month’s update I mentioned MG was experiencing some side affects from her medication.

She was








I am so happy to report that your prayers are working!
She is not completely back to her sweet self but she is so much better.


However, we could still use some prayers…
She is still not walking, but she picking up speed with her crawl and we are practicing our balance!

I read that other common side affects could be instability, dizziness, and lack of balance. Unfortunately, she cannot tell me if she is experiencing any of these symptoms but I can’t imagine they are helping with the walking process.


Did I tell you that our sweet girl loves horses?

Sometimes when she is crabby all we have to do is stand her up on the couch and point her toward the stables. Just looking out the window and watching the horses will usually sooth and distract her.


Last month I asked for prayer for her upcoming MRI and I am pleased to report that it all came back normal. In short… she still has epilepsy but the triggers are not coming for something worse, like a tumor.

Each month I am going to state something I am grateful for through this experience…

This month I am grateful for the special needs community.
I had no idea there were so many of you out there and man, you guys are launch ready!
Ready to love, pray, serve, and share.
Thank you.

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