Making Mom Friends Is A Lot Like Dating

So for the last 2 years I have been dating.
Shane is aware of it, but he is usually not invited, at least not on the first date.

Before my mother gives herself a hernia, I will clarify…

Making mom friends is a lot like dating.
Please allow me to give you a few examples…

First there is the awkwardness involved in scoping another mom out at the park, the eye contact, the approach…
“How YOU doin?” 

Which leads to the super awkward “can I get your number?”
Or do you leave yours?
Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my number
So call me maybe

Then the torturous self questions afterward… how long should I wait to text/call?
How long should I wait to ask her to be my Facebook friend?

And then when you do finally get something lined up there is the pressure of what to wear.
You don’t want to look like you tried too hard but you don’t want her to know that you are really just a hot mess that hasn’t worn real pants yet this month.

While on the “date” there will be all the typical first date questions.
Where are you originally from?
Where did you do your kids go to school?
Where exactly do you live in [insert your city or town here]?

(Gah! I hate small talk!!!)

One perk of play-dating versus real dating would be the out… Nap time!
Who cares if you kid is 4 and hasn’t napped in over a year… She doesn’t know that!
“Gotta get little Johnny home before he has a meltdown.”

But what if the date went well?
Should you send an “I had a great time” text?
Will she?

Later in the week if you haven’t heard from her you start to question yourself…
Did I overshare?
Did I ask too many questions?
Did I cuss?

And then when you finally do hear from her you breath a deep sigh of relief.
Oh good, I am not a totally loser that deserves to live under a rock with all my heathen children.

Honeymoon period.

As the relationship progresses there will be milestones…
Children’s birthday celebrations.
Asking for a favor.
Meeting their parents.
Your first disagreement.

Similar to the more traditional dating relationships…
Mom relationships can also get “boring” or “in a rut.”
The committed one in the relationship will suggest ways to keep things fresh…
“Let’s try something new!”
“Let’s invite some other couples.”

But what if you just don’t really like her back?
What if it’s just time go separate ways?
You don’t want to hurt her feelings…
“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“Life is just super busy right now.”

If you are lucky, after all this dating you will find your soulmate bestie.


I’m cracking myself up over here on this side of the screen!
I was terrible at dating and I don’t ever want to do that again…
Did you get that Spratt? You are stuck with me.


Here’s the deal… you are not going to like everyone you date and that’s ok,
reality check… a lot them won’t like you either.
Move on.
Get over it.
Motherhood is hard enough, stressful enough, and dramatic enough without dating.
(Bless you single mamas… I remember how hard the dating chapter can be and although I poked fun at it… you know my heart. And don’t forget you have the out! Who cares if your kid is 14… maybe is coming down with something;))

In all seriousness, I challenge you to put yourself out there, be real and be authentic.
Leave the game playing to Candyland and go make some friends that are worth doing life with.



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3 thoughts on “Making Mom Friends Is A Lot Like Dating

  1. It’s all worth it because I met you, my Bestie!
    I love the analogy, and doing life with you has been the greatest joy 🙂