Lingerie – Why I Will Be Wrapping It Up This Valentine’s Day

First and foremost… If you are my mother, mother-in-law, sibling or anyone else who might be in denial about the fact that I have a sex life… Please stop reading. Seriously, just do us both a favor and stop.

Now that I have eliminated 98% of my readers… Let’s get on to the “juicy” part!

In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to talk lingerie with you…

When you give a gift you probably wrap it up in some pretty paper and put a bow on it. If you are a busy/lazy/or just plain normal human… you would at the very least put it in a gift bag with some tissue paper.

When fancy/glittery wrapping paper and a bow are added to a gift it seems to give it more value or at least an added importance.


The more precious or important the gift the nicer the wrapping.

IE… we tend to go all out on the wrapping for big occasions like a wedding or a baby shower.

As the giver I feel better about my gifts when they are wrapped up all fancy.

For me…This concept seems to fall hand in hand with celebrating Valentine’s Day with a little lingerie.

When I think about lingerie I think about wrapping up a beautiful package.

If you were going to give your man a tie for Valentine’s Day would you just hand him the thing in a the plastic Kohl’s or Macy’s bag? No! You would wrap it nicely to make him wonder or guess a bit at what is concealed within.


All this said… I will be putting on some lingerie for my man.

I know, I know… It’s itchy. It’s extra work, and it’s not necessary.

Yes, yes, and yes. Those are all fair statements.

But for me…

It sets a tone.

It makes it a bit more special.

It makes me feel pretty.

And it is a simple way that we try to keep things spicy in our marriage.


I want to be something exciting for my husband to seek out, to desire and to think about. I don’t want those things coming from a computer screen, or worse, someone else. (I am also not so naive to think that this would prevent any of those either.)

I also try not to put too much emphasis on the holiday of Valentine’s Day… I try to love my man extravagantly, fully, and unexpectedly all year. I refuse to only show him love on the day that Hallmark deemed appropriate.

If you must know…I even hide some lingerie in the toilet/closed off portion of the bathroom so that I can surprise my man from time to time.

(Nothing quite says “come hither” like popping out of the john like a jack-in-the box wearing lingerie!)


Ok, all silliness aside… right here, right now, this day…

You have a beautiful gift to give your husband.

God picked it out and designed it himself, it’s a guaranteed pleaser.

Go wrap it up and give it away!


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0 thoughts on “Lingerie – Why I Will Be Wrapping It Up This Valentine’s Day

  1. After having four kids, I think everyone figures you have a sex life and a pretty good one at that! But love the twist you put on Valentine’s Day. I also agree 100% that love is not only a holiday sentiment! Love for your husband, children, family and friends is a 24/7 thing. Always has been, always will be. So – Give it away!!! Love you, sweetie! Kiss the whole family for me. 🙂

  2. It is itchy…and oddly expensive…And taken off way to quickly…But I think I might use the jack in the box idea…love it! Love you girl!

  3. You go girl! Anyone who has a good husband needs to let him know, you do not have to look in the wrong places, for a lot of good Woo Hoo! NO matter how OLD you are, it is fun to play peek a boo!

  4. I took this one to heart and Paul says to say “Thank you!” Haha Seriously though Christen, your blog has been incredible. I’m so proud of you and your vulnerability!