Lately in Photos

I am exhausted just recapping this...

Lately it seems as though we have been trying to make up for lost time…

Is it possible that summer is coming to end?

There are so many adventures that still need to be had!

We are doing our best to squeeze them all in during these last couple weeks.

Well actually 12 days!
(12 days, 9 hours, and 37 minutes… but who’s counting?)

Friday we went to O’Fallan park. It was perfect for our age span. Sandy beach for the babes and the water was flowing perfectly for a little rafting for the bigs.


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Saturday the mountains were calling to us… so we headed to Mt Evans. The road to the top was closed, but we found a gorgeous lake to walk (if you’re a Coloradan — hike) around, had a picnic lunch, played a little in the water, and explored the forest.

unnamed-6 unnamed-4

Not too bad for a picture with 4 kids in it… right? Don’t worry, I had to take a bazillion shots and a stranger even tried to help get their attention. Remember, how challenging I explained photographing these 4 to be?


More help from a stranger… but hey, we got a family photo! So… 3 out of the 4 kids are not even looking… but we were there and now I have proof!


This week we have had some sweet friends visiting from Tehachapi. Here is the highlight reel…

Monday… paddle trike and paddle boat in Evergreen.

unnamed-8 unnamed-11 unnamed-10 unnamed-9

Followed by some creek play, a water fight (always a dramatic way to spend an afternoon), and Baskin Robbins.

unnamed-13 unnamed-14 unnamed-15

It is always a great idea to sugar them up before nap time, right?


Yesterday was a little water park fun at Pirate’s Cove.

unnamed-9  unnamed-11 unnamed-8

And we finished the day with s’mores!


Whew! No wonder I am tired!

No rest for the momma!

Trying to plan today’s adventure!

Oh!! And don’t think for one minute that all these activities went off without a hitch… there was plenty of whining, crying, fit-throwing, and meltdowns…
[If you want to know the secret… the naughty child is usually the one that didn’t make it in the photo.]

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2 thoughts on “Lately in Photos

  1. I’m tired just looking at the pics!! Looks like loads of fun. Keep it up, these are the kind of days we reminisce about when you’re my age! 🙂

  2. Looks like you guys are becoming more and more like true Coloradans! 🙂 The family pics are priceless! 🙂