Lack Of Focus… What Is It Costing You?

Five Minute Friday

It is mind boggling to me how hard it can be to truly focus one thing in this day and age.

I am so guilty of this… The only way I am truly focusing on one particular thing is if I was intentional about setting it up that way.

Here is my “guilty as charged” example…focus-600x600

Last night Shane came home from travel, he carried in a bottle of wine, and went upstairs to change into soft pants (soft pants is a term around our house… just think comfy clothes).

When he came back down I had poured the wine and met him the in living room.
so far, so good… right?

However, my tasks for the day were not yet complete. So I putz around on the old WWW tying up the lose ends of the day’s to do list while catching up with Mr. Awesome.

In the end, he didn’t have all of my focus,

he didn’t have all of me.

To make matters worse… I later discovered he purposely left his phone upstairs so that he would not be distracted by anything outside of our conversation.

Needless to say, the night did not end as sweetly as it should have and that was all my doing.

If I am really honest with myself… I do this ALL. THE. TIME.

If I have a friend over to chat… I am probably simultaneously chatting and folding laundry.
If I am driving… I probably have my ear buds in and I am calling my family.
If I have the babies in the tub… I am also tidying/cleaning the bathroom.

The irony is that all these things are good things.

The laundry needs folded and bathrooms need cleaned.

I miss my family and love catching up with them.
And let’s be real… when the kids are strapped down to their car seats you are slightly less vulnerable…
You know they can sniff out your level of vulnerability like a cheetah lurking in the grass, waiting to pounce on a gazelle.
(Kids can really be that terrifying at times… #keepingitreal #dontbeavictim #gottabeonyourgame)

But in all this multi-tasking what am I sacrificing?
Does my friend feel valued or unimportant?
Am I actually growing a relationship or making idle conversation over mismatched socks?

How about those sweet babes in the back seat?
I have their undivided attention.. no toys, no tech, just the 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 of us…
Wouldn’t this be a great time for chatting and bonding with my little humans?

Oh bath time… such a sweet and sour time of the day.
They are exhausted and splashing but soapy/wet babies are just the cutest…
having them corralled gives me the chance to wipe the nasties from the bathroom.

But… they won’t always need me to monitor their bathing what memory making opportunities am I missing?
(I am not going to lie… I will probably still grab a Clorox wipe and do a quick once over from time to time… otherwise, the stench!)

How about you?

What could you put aside to better focus on the task or opportunity at hand?

If you don’t change this focus what are you going to miss out on?

Happy Friday! Stay focused!



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3 thoughts on “Lack Of Focus… What Is It Costing You?

  1. Hi Christen. It’s so easy to fail to be fully engaged and attentive to our loved ones, isn’t it? Yet we are at risk of missing special moments with them if we don’t remember to be completely present. I find it hard to focus on more than one thing at a time because health problems make me profoundly fatigued dopey with brain-fog and medication. But I am still slowing learning that stopping other tasks is preferable to fooling myself that I’m giving due attention to my own Mr Awesome! Blessed to be your neighbour over at #FMF today. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Good reminder! I find myself multitasking way too often, and I do feel conflicted about it. Here’s to devoting full attention to the people in our lives!

  3. Oh this balance is so hard…for some reason I have been reflecting lately of the last phase my kids were in…now a bit older, a bit less needy. And even though I’m happy not to be changing diapers or poetry training, sometimes I feel quilty wondering if I did savor enough of that last phase…because let’s be real, each phase we are in- is hard, rough and challenging. Have I really seen and heard my people enough? Do they know how much i love them? Do they see that love shown in my eyes? Am I doing alright at this?
    A great reminder to just focus on each moment 🙂