Labor Day in Photos

This Labor Day weekend MaryGrace and I went home to visit the family. Here is the quick recap.

Can I just tell you how much I love making the walk of shame down the plane aisle and seeing all the glares from the other passengers.

Hear me say this… I do not want to be on the plane with my baby anymore than you want me to be.

Little miss was super tired when we got on the plane… I wasn’t very confident in how she would do but lucky we sat next to a baby whisperer who helped with the plane-capades.


Since I obviously have a bathroom/toilet obsession I feel it is necessary to pause to make note of a few things.

I am fairly certain that the bathroom on a plane was designed for hobbits. So when a normal sized human, her baby, and an over stocked purse to handle some business things are a little tight.

Side note… wouldn’t it just be easier to leave the baby in the seat? I mean, at home you do every thing you can to use the bathroom by yourself. And it’s not like they are going to get kidnapped. (Don’t worry mom, I didn’t leave her.)

Then there is the suction power of the flush. I mean, it kinda feels like you have pressed the abort button and are about to be launched into the wild blue yonder.
(Vacuum manufacturers would be smart to base their next design on those efficient lavatory thrones.


When we landed in Long Beach I was quickly reminded of California traffic… ugh.


But everything seems better with In N Out! Cheeseburger with double onions… yum!


When we got to Auntie Cate’s house we were surprised with a pile of awesome! Guest hospitality must run in the family.


The next day we surprised Opa for his 65th birthday. MG was stoked.


Super stoked.


There has been golf.



LOTS of food.


Lots of girl time.



A date with Dad.


And some sweet time ALONE!!


Meanwhile the boys have been rotting their brains and taking over my bed.

unnamed unnamed-4


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