It Is Just…

This past week our community came together as a grieving mother endured a parent’s worst nightmare… her 4th grader passed away while at school.  This week, as I wept for a mother I’ve never met, I couldn’t help but think about my own life and children. Tragedies have a way of doing this. They make you think twice about the little things, the big things, and all those in-between things.

A tragedy of this caliber can change your perspective forever, if you let it.

Life is full of these subtle reminders, but the closer to home, the louder they’re heard.  In my adult life, I have seen illness, cancer and death. I have witnessed loss, suffering, and injustice. Each time a tragedy strikes, I realign my perspective. I evaluate what is and what is not important.

After my own daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, I made this “perspective thing” personal. I stopped stressing about the small stuff and started using a new phrase…

It is just…

I use this phrase daily.

No matter your perspective, challenging things are going to happen, so you might as well free yourself a bit. Kids are going to spill liquids or break things. There are going to be times when you miss appointments or show up late. Even when your bathroom remodel turns into a decorating nightmare and has to be re-remodeled… employing the “It is just” phrase lightens the load of the situation and refocuses your perspective.


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