If You Were Evacuated… What Would You Do?

There is always something going on at Spratt Pack Headquarters

Level 1 evacuation, 33 acres burned, still only 10% contained and it all went down in our backyard.


This aerial view of the fire is from the channel 9 news station, but that hill that is on fire is literally in my back yard. Those houses you can see in the top right corner… that is my community.


Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomena for us as something similar happened a few times while living in California. However, this time it felt a little different.

Call it maturity or call it experience, but this time as I thought about what the worst case scenario could be and I wasn’t afraid.

This time I realized it’s just a house, it is just stuff, and I can’t take it to heaven with me anyway.

I have learned that when you are preparing to evacuate you are supposed to go for the 5 Ps. I love a simple recipe, so I am sharing it with you.

People – I have a lot of those…
Pets – Really?… like I need more mouths to feed or poop to clean up? Nope.
Photos – I was reminded that I need to get these all in one safe place whether they are printed, in a book, or still in digital form.
Papers – Super Shane has us pretty well organized, that is easy.
Prescriptions – meds are a new part of my life, I never would have thought of MGs medicine.

Previously when this had happened I went in every room and gathered all the special and irreplaceable things. I gathered moments, kid art, and even my wedding gown.

This time… nope. Not a thing.

You see, I was so emotionally invested in my last house that I would have started pulling the doors off the hinges just because they contained a memory.
(In all fairness, we did a semi-custom build, Shane proposed on the empty lot, and we brought 2 babies home there. But still, way too attached.)

Moving has taught me that all the tangible things that hold your memories, whether they are walls or wedding gowns, are just things and just because you leave those things behind doesn’t mean you leave behind the memory.

Don’t get me wrong… Given the chance, in a time of need, I would have packed up as many tangible items as my nasty car could hold after being filled with my little people, but I wasn’t afraid.

The bible says,

where your treasures are, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

I love my house and I love my stuff… but at the end of the day it is all just a bunch of stuff.

I pray that I would  not get wrapped up in all the materialistic crap of this world but instead focus on the important things in life. You know, like the things that can’t catch on fire.

What would you gather if you were being evacuated?

Where are your treasures?



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One thought on “If You Were Evacuated… What Would You Do?

  1. Oh my, I thought of you yesterday when I saw the plumes of smoke coming from the Valley. I didn’t realize it moved over the hill. I saw the helicopter dumping fire retardant chemicals on the top of the hill today. I said a prayer for everyone in the area and wondered if you were close to the fire. I will keep you guys in my prayers and that this wind will die down and God will send some rain.

    And YES, we would evacuate. We had to in FL for a hurricane in 2004, it is a scary feeling but happy knowing your family is safe brings perspective on these natural disasters. – Kelly