I Will Only Be His Gal For A While Longer

I went to Payton’s hockey game on Saturday.

It was a double header for the championship… He proudly won second place… out of three.

Stats are besides the point. The issue I want to discuss can’t be measured on a score board.


While I was spectating I had the most special gut check moment.

I was sitting there in the bleachers watching my boy skate circles, push, and play rough.

(It is a weird concept as a mother to cheer your child on to do the things that you don’t let him do at home with his brothers.)

Anyway… There he was looking more like a young man than the little boy that I think of him as.

Then he did it.

As he skated by he looked up at me through the glass and pointed at… ME… His momma.


Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…

I am only going to be the gal he is pointing at for a while.

There will come a day when pointing to your mom in the stands is not “cool.”
(Honestly, I thought we were already there. Maybe that’s why this hit me so hard.)


As I sat there processing all these thoughts my eyes were welling with tears.

I was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

Someday there will be another girl in his life.

She will be his number one.

She will get his hugs, kisses, and points from the other side of the glass.

Then I thought about Shane and his mom. I have taken that place between them.
I am the one Shane points to, hugs on, and kisses.

I am the one he calls when he has a bad day or a great day.

I am his gal.

So to Kim, my mother-in-law… Thanks for making room for me. I promise to always save you a seat on the bench next to me. Moving aside can’t be easy, but you have done it with grace. Thank you.

To my future daughter-in-law I am going to soak up the snuggles and attention while it’s all mine. But I promise to step aside for you. He is an amazing young man with a huge heart.

But… Will you save me a spot in the bleachers? I promise to take the back row.
(I will be old then and need to lean against the wall.)

I promise to never compete to be his number one.

[However, if you hurt him… I will hockey check you up against that glass so fast/hard that you will never know what hit you.]

Uh hmmm, I mean… please treat him well.

To sum it up… I really love my boys and will continue to cherish this time as the #1 gal in their lives. As mamas it is so important to keep a grasp on this delicate thing called time.

Will you join me in embracing the season we are in and preparing ourselves for the seasons that lie ahead?


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