How Would Jesus Do Halloween?

This Christian Mom's 3 Simple Concepts For Halloween 2015


The thoughts, opinions, and approach to Halloween is different for everyone, especially within the Christian community. There are some who stay in, turn out all the lights and ignore the evening completely, there are some who go to the church carnival and call it good, and there are some that embrace the holiday in its entirety. As the Spratt Pack, we fall somewhere in between and it has been an evolving process over the years.

I am really not sure how Jesus would do Halloween, but here are some biblical truths we can all apply during this season.

Guard Your Heart –
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23)
My kids have a hard time with the really creepy side of Halloween. They get scared at the store by the bloody, gory, mechanical witch that starts talking and moving when you walk by. Fair enough, I don’t really appreciate the three foot, wart covered, eye glowing hag either.

A few years ago, God showed me how this was a teachable moment for my kids. I talked to them about guarding their heart and how sometimes that means we have to guard our eyes and/or ears. We talked about how when something doesn’t feel right, we should turn from it because it is often the Holy Spirit guiding you and giving you that feeling in your gut.

As a family we have recently enjoyed watching The Voice. Unfortunately, this time of year the commercials are awful. During one particularly haunting commercial I turned to tell Brady to cover his eyes and I was so happy to see him with a pillow over his face. When I asked why, he said, “it just made me feel creepy.”

(I love it! I want them to keep guarding those little hearts and listen for that prompting, all of their days.)

Don’t Judge –
For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment. (James 2:13)
Here’s the deal… standing at your front door you are going to get a plethora of opportunities to cast judgement.

You are going to get the skanky costumes… Whoever decided to make insects and fairy tale characters sexy is beyond me, but you will undoubtedly have an immodest bumble bee and/or a hooker-ish red riding hood show up at your door.
Give them candy and a smile anyway.

You will definitely have the overly creepy costumes and you’ll be tempted to ask… Why does everything have to be dead? What were their parents thinking? Why does everything have to be a zombie? Zombie cheerleaders, zombie pirates, and I even saw a zombie sock monkey.
(Do you have any clue how much work I put into not looking like a zombie every morning? The struggle is real.)
Give them candy and a smile anyway.

You are also going to get some bratty kids that complain about the candy, ask for more, or don’t say thank you.
Give them candy and a smile anyway.

Love Others –
Let all that you do be done in love. (1 Corinthians 16:14)
Let’s just take a moment of silence before we address those awkward tweenagers that are going to show up at your door.
Ok, here goes… They will probably come in a group, with lame (if any) costumes, and you will be tempted to point out their lack in effort, their adult sized frames, and question their age.
They are already semi-embarrassed to be there, hence the pack they arrived in… They find strength in numbers.
They are living out an all too painful reality of how fast time goes and just trying to embrace the last shreds of sweet childhood.
We are living in a time where as parents we are constantly lamenting about how fast childhood is gone and how kids are growing up too quickly.
If these tweens want to hold on to this childhood tradition for a little longer… I say, let them. Adulthood is rapidly approaching and it is a life sentence.
Give them candy and a smile anyway.

This Saturday you can will be an example to the world or least to those who come to your doorstep.

What are your traditions?
How does your family do Halloween?
What are your thoughts on the creepy? the skanky? and the tweens?


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One thought on “How Would Jesus Do Halloween?

  1. I feel like I have run the gamet on this un-liked holiday of mine…from hiding in a dark house as a child, to church harvest parties, to not really knowing what I should do or wanted to do when I became a parent…those were some awkward years of guilt, confusion and lengthy conversations with my husband. I had a different attitude towards it all a few years back when I just let go… and allowed me and Jesus to figure out what this holiday should look like for our family.
    It is a teachable moment…always.
    What’s wrong with getting candy? We have baskets of costumes already, why can’t they wear them on Oct 31st? And tweens still really do want to be in on the fun just alittle longer. Once I let go, it wasn’t so bad after all. ( i even spent a crazy night in Vegas for Halloween a few years ago…but that stays there.)
    My kids just wanted to have fun. I was the one making it all seem wrong, guilt ridden and creepy. There continues to be teachable moments as they push boundaries with the costumes, but hey when do preteens not push boundaries? And it’s only one day…thank goodness! 😉 Trick or Treat