How My Husband Has Taught Me That Love Is A Choice

If you don’t know our story… here is a bit of background.

I was 18 when I had my first child.

I met Shane, a.k.a. Mr. Awesome, when Payton was 3 and shortly after his 4th birthday we were married. 

When Shane met Payton and I, he was working in the bay area of California. He had a great job, a fun car, and nothing tying him down.

All that came to a screeching halt as our worlds collided. 

I can’t say that it was love at first sight… but it was pretty darn close!
(we are both extremely stubborn)

We will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary this year and it has been nothing short of a WILD ride on the crazy train thus far. 

There have been ups, downs, and plenty of bumps along the way…
To sum it up, in our short six years, we have birthed 3  (more) kids, took in a teenager, moved out of state, and adopted.
(yes, you heard me right… there was an adoption.)

But first let me explain how Shane chooses to love

He chose to love me…
Even though I was a single mom bar tending my way through college
Even though my rap sheet was less than pure
Even though our families thought we were crazy to get married so quickly
Even though my custody battle was ugly

He chooses to love me…
Even though I fall short
Even though I am a hot mess
Even though he has seen me at my worst

He chose to love Payton (from the start)…
Even though they don’t have the same DNA
Even though it might not come naturally some days
Even though it cost us a large portion of our savings to fight for his best interest

And because he chose love…
We have built a strong foundation for our family to grow upon
Payton calls him daddy
A judge saw that he was best suited to BE his daddy
The state of California and Colorado also call him his daddy
Payton is a Spratt
We got to rewrite history

I am so grateful for the gift of you, Shane.

I love you and I’ll choose to love you all of my days.

Thank you for setting such a beautiful example of choosing to love within our family and amongst the rest of the blended families community.

Marriage is hard, raising a family is hard, and blending a family is super crazy hard!

So… Shane – Thank you. If our boys turn out to be half the man you are… I will be proud.

To further fill you sweet readers in… 

On March 9th, 2015… Payton became Payton Anthony Siegmund Spratt.

D71_5632 (2)

It was one of the top 6 days of my life!


Our adoption story is not the most common… we did not adopt a child from another country or the foster system.

Shane adopted a munchkin from under his own roof and has called him daddy from as early as he can remember. 



But he chose/chooses to love him. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Did you hear me???
He chose to love not only me but also Payton.
(I was the package deal… the instant family recipe–just add a man and a stir.)

Shane is a beautiful example of selfless love.  Payton (and the rest of the pack) is/are blessed to call him Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day Shane!
We love/choose to love you every day for now and forever.

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6 thoughts on “How My Husband Has Taught Me That Love Is A Choice

  1. How absolutely precious! It was a huge honor to be there that day and witness such devotion and love by both Shane and Payton! Such a sweet moment between the two of them when they were announced father and son.
    Happy Father’s Day Shane! You are a #1 dad!!!
    Christen- your prayers paid off, he is one hell of a guy! I am blessed to know you both!

  2. I love this, it brought tears to my eyes. My “step-dad” also adopted me. It’s not an easy process. I’m so glad Shayne chose to love you and Payton, and you made a family together. Happy Father’s Day, Shayne!