Hood Hunting Success

Holy Moly! We had a whirlwind of a [long] weekend! Here’s the skinny…

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of hosting 30ish women in my home… we had yummy food (thanks Heather), real conversation (thanks Mandy), and just an overall soul filling time. When every one left, I packed for the weekend and tried my best to get some sleep since we had to be up at 4 am for our flight. Sleeping was a joke… I was too excited and nervous to turn my brain off!

The mission this weekend was to find our new neighborhood. The thought process was/is…  even if we don’t find the perfect house right away we will still get our kids plugged into the right schools when we land there.

While we were gone we recruited my parents for their expertise; my mom could give Martha Stewart a run for her money any ol’ day and we don’t call my dad “Bob The Builder” without reason.


(This picture was taken after a looooooong day, cast your judgement elsewhere… we #keepitreal around these parts.)

Here was the criteria:

  1. 15 minute or less commute for Shane without using a freeway
  2. schools have to be rated 9 or 10 on greatschools.org
  3. a little larger property than we have now (which shouldn’t be hard), 1/2 an acre or so… nothing crazy

We really stuck with those 3 criteria because we feel that those are the things we cannot change later on. If needed, we can knock down a wall, convert a garage, paint, retile, gut a bathroom, etc.
(Guys you need to know… we have been binge watching Fixer Upper, we can pretty much do anything now.)

So with those criteria in mind and after 4 days of searching high and low, we have decided on…


They call it “The City in the Country” and we found it darling.

If you care… this is a great article about our new city. Basically, it has awesome schools, a beautiful lake (apparently there is still a bit of water left in Cali), open space, parks, trails, Old Poway Park (which is at the top of my adventure list), great bike paths (for my spandex loving husband), and a direct shot over to the coast. We are pretty happy with our choice and excited to see exactly where we will land.

It was 4 days of research, stress, frustration, and of course… we mixed in a little fun.

We hit up the beach a couple of times and reached out to some old friends! Overall, it was a fabulous weekend.

unnamed-2 unnamed-7

And when this guy wasn’t nerding out and hiding in the corner to crunch numbers… he was a TON of fun!


Back on the home front we have some work to do:

  1. Get the house on the market.
  2. Get the house ready to go on the market.
  3. Try not to lose my ever-loving mind, trying to get the house ready to go on the market.
    This list takes “shoveling snow in a blizzard” to a whole other level:
    2 toddlers, a chronically messy child, a smelly tween (there is such a fine line between body ordor and being drunk on Axe, Lord help us), an ever-shedding golden retriever (who also smells), homework palooza (all the way down to preschooler!!!), flag football (they better not even try to pass me that snack rotation sign-up sheet), and all of MG’s therapy appointments

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Buckle your seat belts y’all… this is going to be a wild ride!


~ The World’s Okayest Mom





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4 thoughts on “Hood Hunting Success

  1. I’m so happy/excited that my Bestie/Sprattpack will be in the place of their dreams! I can’t wait to go and explore with you!
    P.S. I’m on the “help anyway I can” list for life, so what’s next?! ?

  2. Just finished the 2 articles about the city. Now I’m REALLY excited to come and explore! Sounds like a vacation all the time! #bookingmyflightpronto

  3. I grew up in Poway and loved it! My parents still live there! Check out RBCPC Preschool- it’s where I went to school and my mom taught there for 20 years 🙂

    Soo happy for you guys! Let me know if I can answer any questions about incredible Poway. It is a great place to live and grow up.