Heading To Children’s Hospital For A Few Days – Pray For Us?

Sometimes I have the tendency to put my epilepsy blinders on and pretend like nothing is wrong with my sweet girl and sometimes epilepsy punches me in the face… unfortunately, this is one of those times where the latter has snuck in again.

Tomorrow, Monday June 13th, MaryGrace and I head to Children’s Hospital. We will be staying there for 2 nights and 3 days. She will be under constant monitoring to check for seizures during her sleep. If they do not find anything we will continue on as we have been and if they do find something we will be adding additional medication.

In case you are lost… in February I shared this post, explaining the doctors concern for MaryGrace’s possible sleep seizures and speech regression.unnamed-3

Of course I do not want there to be anything wrong with my baby, but if she is still having seizures in her sleep, I pray she has one while she is being monitored.
I pray for black and white.

I pray there is no doubt either way.
I pray for clarity.

My job during the stay will be to entertain Little Miss because she will not be able to leave the room until the study is completed. Yes, you read that correctly. My two-year-old (whom will have wires attached to her head) will not be able to leave the hospital room for 2 nights and 3 days.
This should be interesting.

Throughout this journey, it has been very evident to me that she is being covered in prayer and for that I am so grateful. This week… I am asking for an extra dose. Please continue to pray for us. The next few days should be rather trying. Unfortunately, MG is very familiar with the hospital and freaks out if anyone even tries to put a wrist band on her.

Will you please pray for clarity, patience, sleep, and also for the other kiddos who are farmed out amongst their amazing grandparents?

From the bottom of my mama heart,
I give you my deepest thanks.


PS – I am sorry it has taken me so long to write an MG update, I blame it on the blinders.

If you share this post, will you please hashtag it with #PrayersForMaryGrace? Someday I want to show her how very special she is and how many people are/were praying for her.



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4 thoughts on “Heading To Children’s Hospital For A Few Days – Pray For Us?

  1. Oh sweet girl, manhood is bliss and trial you are definitely having trials. I am proud of the strength and grace with which you continue. Prayers for Mary Grace, you, and all of your boys…

  2. Oh no Christen, prayers for the two of you. Bless her beautiful little heart. She is just adorable and I know it is sad to see her go through this. Other than prayers, can i help in anyway. Love you Aunt Shirley

  3. Praying, Praying ! Mary Grace you are one of God’s dreams come true. You started in His heart, were created by His hands, and presented to the world as a gift. Praying for your mommy and daddy and your big brothers. Love your friend Rowena.