Guilt, Pride, and Stubbornness Are Just About As Flattering As High Waisted Jeans

save yourself from the future humiliation and get over it, like now

A week ago or so I wrote about being lonely but never really being alone and I received some great feedback.
(Did I mention I love when I hear from you? I makes me feel like there is someone on the other side of this screen.)

The feedback from this post was interesting though… I heard a very common thread in the voices of these fellow lonely mothers.

The common thread was guilt.

But here is the problem… guilt is to the mommas spirit what pain is to the body.

You were/are ashamed to feel to lonely and although you can acknowledge the feeling… there is some hesitation in taking action to defeat it.

After all, this life is everything you hoped, dreamed, and planned for.

I get it.

I felt it too.

Everything was what I wanted…

The most awesome kids. (Seriously, I’ll them put up against anyone of yours, any given day. We got this.)
A beautiful home. (More than we need.)
The man of my dreams. (Did I mention that he is also super hot?)
And I get to stay home… because I want to.

The reasons for the guilt are obvious.

I understand you dreamed of the life you are living.

I understand you truly love the life you are living.

I also understand you have probably worked really hard to get where you are.

All of which are understandable reasons to feel guilty about the discontent of the season.

Hear me say this… hormones don’t have brains!

Whether you are pregnant, nursing, have done either in the last 18 months, or are even just a woman in general…

I’ll say it again… hormones don’t have brains!

So these crazy little evil things called hormones… they need companionship. They need friends.

Don’t feel guilty about feeling alone or discontent or for asking for help. (GASP!)
Yes… I just said the “H” word.


And by golly… stop feeling guilty for a lack for supernatural powers.

God wired us for community and relationship.

You were not meant to do this on your own… by faking it and pretending to have it all together you might be hurting other mommas.

Other mommas who are also afraid to admit a lack of perfection.

Other mommas who are afraid to let their guard down.

Other mommas who are afraid to show a weakness, ask for help, or let someone in.

Don’t be proud or stubborn… it’s really not a good look. (Seriously, it’s right up there with high waisted jean shorts. Just don’t do it.)

Don’t set a (fake) tone of independence and perfection for your tribe. Instead… lean on one another.

I challenge you to break the ice, keep it real, and put yourself out there.

One last challenge… This one is important and super simple, I also challenge you to keep your gratitude in focus.

This is something I still have to do regularly when these feeling of defeat creep in… here is how it goes (did I mention it is super simple?):
When you are feeling glum, I challenge you to say/write/think of 5 things you are crazy grateful for.

To put this into action… today I challenge you to list your 5 things on Facebook with a link back to this post.

Let’s love, support, and be there for one another all the while constantly reminding ourselves of the blessings that have been poured over us in abundance.

So go! Drop the guilt, pick up the gratitude, and connect!


Here are some ways to connect with me and my peeps via the old WWW…


Let’s make this a safe place to land. Invite your friends, share the post and page… Let’s band together and hold one another up. There truly is strength in numbers.


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